Australian journalist Kelly Baker shares email uninviting her to event launch: ‘A lesson in how not to PR’

Natalie Richards
The Nightly
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Kelly Baker was appalled by the email uninviting her to an event.
Kelly Baker was appalled by the email uninviting her to an event. Credit: Kelly Baker/LinkedIn

An Australian journalist has outed the “stupid” actions of a public relations company which uninvited her from an event it was trying to drum up publicity for.

Sydney-based journalist and communications expert Kelly Baker took to LinkedIn to point out the “appalling practice” of the unnamed PR company, which invited her to an event, only to later withdraw the invitation.

A redacted email from the company claimed the guest list was “full” and she would no longer be welcome to attend.

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“Big thanks for your interest in our relaunch event! Due to a fantastic response, our guest list is currently full, but we want to thank you for your interest in attending the (event name),” the email read.

“We will keep you posted for more exciting events in the future.”

Kelly Baker shared this email from an unnamed PR company
Kelly Baker shared this email from an unnamed PR company Credit: Kelly Baker/LinkedIn

Baker, who claims she RSVPed to attend the “moment” she was invited, dubbed the move “a lesson in how NOT to PR”.

“If you invite me to an event, of your own accord, and I RSVP, do NOT then come back to me to decline my attendance,” she wrote.

“Unbelievably rude. And dare I say stupid.”

Fellow PR staffers have shared their outrage at the misstep, pointing out it could easily backfire on the company as it tries to generate press attention for the event.

“Very poorly handled, with long-term impact. And it didn’t even include your name,” wrote PR company founder Phoebe Netto.

“Translation: we need space on our guest list for someone more important/our friends/random influencer so you don’t get to come anymore,” added Gillian Fennell.

“Poor management & and an incredibly rude decision that will ultimately bite them in the arse.”

Other LinkedIn users suggested the PR company’s may have been directed to send the unsavoury email by the organisers.

“Yes. This sounds like a client directive. Either way, a massive f_ckup,” journalist Roderick Eime wrote.

Baker has been contacted for further comment.


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