Bondi Junction rampage: Terrifying footage emerges of attacker in stabbing rampage

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The alleged attacker carrying a knife.
The alleged attacker carrying a knife. Credit: @ChrisHeHim1/X

Horrifying footage of a man who went on a stabbing rampage inside Bondi Junction shopping centre has emerged.

The attacker was armed with a large knife and dressed in what appears to be a Kangaroos NRL jersey as he lunged at and stabbed innocent shoppers.

Pandemonium erupted as hundreds of shoppers raced to escape down escalators and out the doors. Shoppers were ushered into storerooms at the shopping centre as others ran in every direction.

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Five people have been confirmed dead and several more injured, including a nine-month-old baby who suffered multiple stab wounds to the abdomen.

The victims have been rushed to hospital, some in a serious or critical condition.

Footage showed one man attempt to confront the attacker, and another run for his life after falling over in front of the offender.

Other shoppers tried to confront the man with bollards.

Witnesses have described the offender as “scattered and chaotic”.

“We saw people with bollards I think who were chasing him so it sometimes wasn’t clear who was a bad person,” one unnamed man told 9News.

Other footage shows citizens attempting to stop the attacker with bollards on an escalator.

“I saw these people running around with bollards and I thought it might have been just kids being stupid and then I saw the guy with the knife.

“He looked between 24 and 30.”

The husband of one stab victim — who is now at St Vincent’s Hospital — said his partner initially believed she had been punched.

“We didn’t know what had happened, she got a stab in the top right-hand corner of the back. She thought she got punched and then she touched herself and there was blood,” the man told 9News.

“Apart from that she’s okay she’s alive.”

9News reported that another man inside Myer — named Goerge — was locked inside the store for two hours alongside two stab victims.

“George ended up in the ladies change rooms with the stabbed people so then obviously there was a deceased body outside. So he’s been in there for two hours and he’s obviously traumatised,” his colleague told 9News.

Heavily armed tactical operations police responded to the incident and scoured all levels of the centre to ensure no other offenders were involved.

An eyewitness has described the harrowing scenes with one man telling reporters outside the popular shopping precinct that he saw the man carrying a large blade.

“He was on a killing spree,” he told reporters. “When we came down the stairs, there was another two bodies. The wedding shop inside looked like that must have been where they must have been stabbed.”

The man said he also saw the female police officer tell the man to put down his weapon but instead of listening to her, he lunged towards her.

“And she shot him.”

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