Bondi Junction attack: Parents of murderer Joel Cauchi send message of support to hero cop Amy Scott

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Queensland authorities have revealed Joel Cauchi, who stabbed six people dead in a Bondi Junction shopping centre, suffered from significant mental health issues.

The family of a man who murdered six people and injured 12 others during the sickening attack at Westfield Bondi Junction are trying to comprehend his “truly horrific” actions and have sent a message of support to the cop who shot him dead.

The family said in a statement their thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims and those still undergoing treatment.

“We are absolutely devastated by the traumatic events that occurred in Sydney,” the family said.

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“Joel’s actions were truly horrific, and we are still trying to comprehend what has happened. He has battled with mental health issues since he was a teenager.

“We are in contact with the both the New South Wales police force and Queensland police service and have no issues with the police officer who shot our son as she was only doing her job to protect others and we hope she is coping alright.”

Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Roger Lowe had revealed earlier on Sunday the family of Joel Cauchi had sent a message to NSW Police expressing concern for the welfare of Inspector Amy Scott, who shot dead their 40-year-old son on Saturday.

Mr Lowe said Cauchi had struggled from mental health issues and was not in regular contact with his family, instead only occasionally texting his mother his current location.

“I can say when the family viewed footage of the event on TV [that they] believed that may well have been their son and they reached out to authorities,” he said.

Supplied Editorial
Joel Cauchi has been named as the man responsible for the horror stabbing attack at Westfield Bondi Junction. Credit: Supplied

He said Cauchi had been diagnosed with a mental illness at the age of 17 and had received treatment over the years.

Mr Lowe said Queensland Police’s last known interaction with Cauchi had been during a street check in the Gold Coast in December last year while authorities had various contact with the 40-year-old over the past four to five years.

Queensland Police confirmed Cauchi had never been charged or convicted of an offence but said he was aware of an incident involving the 40-year-old and his family in early 2023.

Supplied Editorial
Cauchi was shot dead by police on Saturday. Credit: Supplied

“We responded to an event in early 2023 with he and his family and that will form the subject of the investigation,” he said.

“But he’s never been charged with any offence relating to knife and has never been found in possession of knives in a matter that’s unlawful that would warrant prosecution.”

Cauchi entered Westfield Bondi, one of the busiest shopping complexes in Sydney, at about 3.10pm on Saturday wielding a long knife and began stabbing shoppers.

Mr Lowe said Cauchi’s family believed he was homeless and either living out of a car or at a backpackers.

Queensland Health said records showed Cauchi last received treatment in the public system in 2012 before he started seeing a private psychiatrist.

“Queensland Health extends our sympathies to everyone involved in the tragic incident in NSW,” he said.

“We will work with Queensland and NSW police on any information and assistance we can provide.

“The man had been treated by Queensland Health for mental health issues more than a decade ago but his care was transferred to a psychiatrist in the private sector in 2012.”

It is understood Queensland Health last treated Cauchi for non-mental health related issues about four-years-ago.

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