Twisties create a stir Down Under with new ‘Chickeese’ flavour

Max Corstorphan
The Nightly
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Twisties have confirmed the launch of a new flavour set to bring people together.
Twisties have confirmed the launch of a new flavour set to bring people together. Credit: Reddit

In a move that’s set to shake up Aussie snack culture, Twisties has announced the birth of a divisive new flavour after an image of a new packet leaked on Reddit.

The iconic brand has unveiled its latest concoction, merging the beloved chicken and cheese flavours into one bag of crunchy goodness. Dubbed ‘Chickeese,’ this fusion snack aims to bring harmony to the longstanding debate between chicken and cheese enthusiasts.

Speaking to 7NEWS, a Twisties spokesperson confirmed: “Chicken and Cheese Twisties taste better together, and we’re delighted to finally announce Twisties Chickeese - the flavour everyone’s been waiting for.”

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“We believe Twisties Chickeese is the future of snacking and the future of the brand and we can’t wait to hear what Aussies think!”

Fans were quick to celebrate the news online with one saying: “That is the best thing I have ever seen! I used to mix both bags into a bowl and get my fix!”

Another reminisced on their childhood saying: “We mixed them together at recess when we were kids back in the 80s. How did it take them this long to give it a shot?”

But not everyone was celebrating the yet-to-be-launched snack. Some staunch traditionalists appear to be preparing for potential culinary sacrilege.

“WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY,” asked one Reddit user.

Another saying: “I feel uncomfortable.”

Twisties has previously launched new flavours including Donut King Cinnamon Donut, Cheeseburger and even Twisted Raspberry.

While the official release date for Twisties Chickeese remains shrouded in mystery, Twisties aficionados will need to keep their eyes peeled.


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