ANDREW CARSWELL: Emmanuel Macron has sacrificed France to economic turmoil to keep the right out of power

Andrew Carswell
The Nightly
ANDREW CARSWELL: To keep the right out of power, the French president has sacrificed his country to chaos and economic turmoil.
ANDREW CARSWELL: To keep the right out of power, the French president has sacrificed his country to chaos and economic turmoil. Credit: Supplied/The Nightly

You could see the glint in his eye when he finally moved onto his favourite topic of mirth.

Having just run Australian officials through a kaleidoscope of colourful depictions and anecdotes of foreign leaders, then US president Donald Trump turned his sights on French President Emmanuel Macron. And didn’t miss.

“Aaaah little Emmanuel. 120 pounds of fury.”

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Both the littleness and the fury have been evident in the past few weeks, as the man with a profound Napoleonic complex, who listens to no one bar the enabling voices inside his head, chose to set fire to his country’s political stability, economy and already fragile budgetary position in order to stave off a right-wing rebellion to his rule.

Better to blow up the show than have the right-wingers in power. Better to consign his nation to years of political turmoil and upheaval, and subject his people to an ungodly coalition of communists, socialists and radical greens who will tax and spend their way to economic ruin, than have conservative leadership that would unpick his pro-immigration, big-spending policies that have turned France into the basket case of Europe.

Protect thine legacy at all costs.

After Marine Le Pen’s right-wing party dominated the first round of elections, continuing a right-wing uprising that is dominating European politics, rather than give the public what they wanted, Macron colluded with the far left (literal communists and anti-Semites) to block the right from victory by deploying the well-known French military strategy of tactically withdrawing its candidates in the second round of polling.

It would be akin to Labor letting the Greens win government by removing its candidates from the ballot paper, in a desperate attempt to stop Peter Dutton winning power. As unfathomable as that scenario seems, it has just happened in France.

He has singlehandedly injured his country to save his own presidential skin and prevent this new world order. He has given the keys of the kingdom to the dangerous flag-burning radicals in order to keep his keys to the Elysee Palace.

The beauty of President Macron is his unshakable belief in his own brilliance. His innate ability to reshape a problematic narrative not merely by stretching the truth, but by believing his own bulls..t.

LE TOUQUET-PARIS-PLAGE, FRANCE - JUNE 30: French President Emmanuel Macron greet members of the public before leaving a voting station on June 30, 2024 in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, France. Today is the first round of legislative elections, with the second vote being held on July 7. The snap election was called by President Macron in response to his party's defeat in the European elections earlier this month. (Photo by Sébastien Courdji/Getty Images)
French President Emmanuel Macron greets members of the public before leaving a voting station on June 30, 2024, in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, France. Credit: Sebastien Courdji/Getty Images

Australia had seen this before when Macron was forced on the offensive to protect himself from the indignity of being outplayed by a conservative Australian prime minister, who looked at how the French submarine program was progressing and said, yeah hard pass.

Macron changed the narrative by simply lying about someone else lying.

There is no question that by pulling the pin on a grenade and jumping on it, Macron thinks his act of glorious sacrifice is saving his nation from turning right.

His people may soon have a different opinion when this course of instability leads to disorder, and the very issues that empowered a right-wing revolt in the first place are only multiplied. For those angry that whole arrondissements in their cities are no-go zones because of lawlessness created by high Muslim migration, batten down the hatches.

For those appalled that their once vibrant economy is teetering on the edge of recession, aided by excessive government spending that has pushed its debt to

GDP ratio to 110 per cent, prepare for the worst.

For now.

Because as right-wing leader Marine Le Pen proclaimed yesterday: “Our victory is only postponed.”

Because chaos always gets you in the end.

This is the abiding lesson for Anthony Albanese. This French tragedy looms as a prophecy for Australia, where an unruly minority government beckons, full of misfits and muppets, of dangerous radicals and social engineers, and where deals with the devil will be unavoidable. Where the far-left wins, but Australia loses.

Where in order to stay in power, a diminished leader will have to cobble together a coalition of charlatans and counterfeits, of Greens in teal clothing, of grandstanders, chancers and anarchists. Those that have a fundamentally different view to the broad Australian mainstream. Those who believe it is their calling to teach Australia how to behave and think.

They are about to be empowered. They are about to be in power.

Not by the votes of the majority, not by a populist shift to the left. But by the actions of a Prime Minister. Or rather, inactions. Of an abdication of leadership. Of Macronist surrender.

Australia’s story of emerging political chaos is written and authorised by none other than Anthony Albanese; a Prime Minister leading his country to the perils of minority government because he failed to even live up to the meek hype once afforded him, because he failed to take Australia forward or unite the country. The great disappointment of our times.

In turn, he will subject his nation to three years of political and economic uncertainty, with a lurch to the left on climate, energy, social and economic policies that are out of step with Australians who prefer more caution.

Like Le Pen, Dutton’s Coalition should take heart, despite the traumas that a minority government will inflict on Australia and its economy.

Because chaos always gets you in the end.

Andrew Carswell is a former strategist for the Morrison government.


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