CHRISTOPHER DORE: In supporting Palestine’s UN aspirations, Wong has aligned Australia with tin-pot dictators

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CHRISTOPHER DORE: In supporting Palestine’s UN aspirations, Penny Wong has aligned Australia with tin-pot dictators against our old ally.
CHRISTOPHER DORE: In supporting Palestine’s UN aspirations, Penny Wong has aligned Australia with tin-pot dictators against our old ally. Credit: Supplied/The Nightly

So Australians woke up on Saturday morning to discover that as a nation we now officially side with Hamas, the terror organisation determined to scupper Israel, kill all Jews and, if it gets the chance, hook up with its other jihadist habibis around the world to take down the rest of the infidels in the west, including us.

Weird that Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong and her puppet Prime Minister Anthony Albanese didn’t give us a heads up that they intended to roll into New York’s most ridiculous circus to side with every anti-Semitic, anti-West, tin-pot country in the United Nations to vote for a Palestinian resolution that rewards terrorists, humiliates Israel and should embarrass clear-minded Australians.

Just five days earlier, Albanese was asked what Australia was going to do when this resolution came up in the UN, and this is what our Prime Minister, acting affronted and miffed that someone would have the hide to ask him, said: “Well, you’re pre-empting it a bit there, mate, you’re talking about something on the 10th of …” This conversation was on the 6th.

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As if Australians, who as far as anyone can figure out, didn’t vote for a Government to back terrorists in the UN, were not entitled to know what the Government was up to a few days later, went on: “Well, we’ll address issues when we address them, and we’ll announce them when we’ve made decisions.” The journalist pressed on the question of principle, to be met with: “You’ve attempted to ask your question and I’ve answered it appropriately. The Government considers things when they’re put forward in a considered way, and then we have a response.” Eloquent and transparent, he is not.

Naturally, we never got a response and we were never told what the Albanese leftist collective was going to do in the UN, until it did it.

Penny Wong meets with Isaac Herzog in Israel President  Isaac Herzog met Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong : 'Historically, Australia has played an important role in our region - and today I thank you for your strong condemnation of Hamas' atrocities, and firm call for the immediate release of all the hostages.'
Penny Wong meets with Isaac Herzog in Israel President Isaac Herzog met Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong : 'Historically, Australia has played an important role in our region - and today I thank you for your strong condemnation of Hamas' atrocities, and firm call for the immediate release of all the hostages.' Credit: Unknown/X formerly Twitter

Wong insists all, well “most”, of our mates, “partners” she likes to call them, were on board, all on the same page, in agreeing to screw over Israel, as it tries to eliminate terrorists living next door. She listed off a few, you know, those foreign affairs giants New Zealand and our old buddies Japan, Korea, Singapore, and don’t forget our anti-Israeli neighbours to the north, Indonesia.

Indonesia does not recognise Israel. Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, has no diplomatic ties, whatsoever, with Israel.

But Wong specifically listed Indonesia as one of the five countries we are now aligned with on Israel. That’s about as insulting and absurd as it gets from our Foreign Minister.

Wong didn’t mention all those other countries we now proudly sit next to either, our new pals on foreign policy: Russia, and China, and North Korea, and Syria, and Iran.

And of course, Wong certainly didn’t note those countries we are now at odds with, must have slipped her mind, oh that’s right, yeah, those not-so-important nations, like the US and the UK. Did someone say KFC? And Canada, and Germany and Sweden. Or poor old Ukraine, all of whom did not vote for the resolution like we did.

We shouldn’t be surprised. This is a rotten act of betrayal, bereft of principle and brimming with indecency.

Wong, with the backing of a belligerent bureaucracy, believes she is wrapped in righteousness on the question of Israel and the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank. Most of Labor, and therefore the Government, dominated as it is by the louche left, are stridently, ideologically, and intrinsically anti-Israel. Those who are not, from the now paralysed right, are mostly anti-Netanyahu, rendering them silent partners in the horrific abdication of national interest and common sense in favour of raw, sickening domestic political opportunism, combined with a foreign policy approach borne out of the simpleton student politics of the left.

In announcing Australia’s position, hours after the vote to advance the recognition of Palestine as a state, Wong actually insisted and is clearly convinced, that this multi-nation stand in the middle of a war is good for peace, Israel and the Palestinian people, and bad for Hamas.

“I want to say this is a clear rejection of the goals and methods of Hamas,” Wong said on Saturday morning. “Hamas does not want peace and it does not want long-term security for the state of Israel”, and “the rejection of Hamas is amongst the reasons why Australia voted for this resolution”.

If that is the case, it would come as a great shock to Wong then that Hamas later welcomed the vote as “an affirmation of the international rally around our people”. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Of course, Israel, the poor bastards having to deal with these monsters, called the charade out. The international community has rewarded the terrorists of Hamas, the cold-blooded, Jew-hating, murderous rapist creeps and cretins, by voting to “advance the establishment of a Palestinian terror state led by the Hitler of our time”.

Hamas has been losing the actual war but towelling up Israel in the PR battle, thanks to some absolutely moronic leftist lunatics, who have let themselves be sweet-talked by a horde of women-hating, gay-killing, anti-west jihadist Islamist psychopaths into believing that somehow the liberal modern, inclusive democratic state of Israel, and the Jewish people with thousands of years of connection to that land, are the genocidal colonialist bad guys.

Good on Penny Wong and Albanese for getting their foreign policy briefings from the kids of TikTok though, sick. Let’s all give the terrorists a big UN hug, free, free Palestine from that river to that sea, you know the ones.

Wong actually said that taking a stand that has infuriated the good guys (Israel in case you’ve forgotten) and emboldens the bad guys means that Australia has added “our voice to the efforts … to broker peace”. We are building the “momentum toward peace”.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 01: Australia's Foreign Minister Penny Wong speaks during a joint press conference following an Australia and South Korea Foreign and Defence Ministers meeting on May 1, 2024 in Melbourne, Australia. South Korea and Australia were set to hold "two plus two" talks among their foreign and defense ministers Wednesday, as the two countries seek to deepen cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, defense and other areas, media reports said. (Photo by Asanka Brendon Ratnayake-Pool/Getty Images)
Australia's Foreign Minister Penny Wong. Credit: Asanka Brendon Ratnayake/Getty Images

It’s like she is living on another planet. Who are the parties in the Wong peace deal?

She says the Palestinian Authority has “a role to play here” after it undertakes the “necessary reforms”. You mean when it denounces its commitment to the destruction of Israel? Or is it low-key support of individual acts of terror? Blow yourself up, or kill an Israeli border guard, and you will be honoured forever as a martyr, 72 virgins await, and your family will be handsomely rewarded, as if they have won the lottery.

“We want to see a Palestinian governing authority that is committed to peace, that disavows violence and is ready to engage in a meaningful political process.”

Who is that? No Palestinian leader. Ever. Has matched those hopes and dreams. It’s just not a thing.

So what are you talking about?

As if to confirm the absurdity of this position, Wong acknowledged that the Australian Jewish community, whose historic homeland is under siege, and whose relatives are still being held hostage in tunnels, would be “feeling distressed and isolated”.

But Wong assures the 100,000 dispirited and dismayed Australian Jews: don’t worry, we are with you, we are against anti-Semitism, truly, we are, a shocking thing that, a lot of it going around, terrible, terrible thing. And ISLAMOPHOBIA! We must bring this outrage to an end! Oh, but you should be safe here, you know our Government is fully committed to keeping happy the 800,000 Australian Muslims who are mostly, if not entirely, opposed to the existence of Israel.

“This is the opposite of what Hamas wants!”

“Hamas does not want two states, Hamas is a terrorist organisation dedicated to the destruction of Israel and of the Jewish people.”

Yes, we all know that, so why, in the next breath do you insist that Israel immediately stop hunting down and killing Hamas fighters and its leadership?

Unquestionably this vote emboldens Hamas, it shows them and their like-minded allies, those Arab states, and Iran, who hate Israel, who despise the Jews, that the world has turned on their No. 1 enemy.

How good is that?

This move by Wong and her wilful appeasers treats Israel with such utter contempt that it will do the opposite of what this mob want from Tel Aviv. Israel, knowing its former allies such as Australia simply do not have a clue what they are confronted with surrounded by haters and persistent Palestinian terrorists, will inevitably go harder to wipe out Hamas. They’re alone and isolated now. They have to.

Maybe they’ll even have a crack at Hezbollah.

Israel will now rightfully think much of the world, its old friends, have abandoned them. They have. Thankfully the US, facing the same domestic political realities and challenges created by unrestrained Muslim migration and the widespread importation of anti-Semitism as us, has held firm.

As has the UK, ravaged by extremism yet still capable of taking a more thoughtful and less morally repugnant and debased position than that of Wong and Albanese.

What a tragedy this UN resolution is for the barricaded and bedevilled but brave, brilliant and ultimately unbreakable people of Israel.

And what a shame it is for Australia.

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