NATALIE RICHARDS: The dull royals might need Harry and Meghan back... seriously!

Natalie Richards
The Nightly
NATALIE RICHARDS: The magic the royals had some years ago appears to be fading fast.
NATALIE RICHARDS: The magic the royals had some years ago appears to be fading fast. Credit: Supplied

There was once a time when more than just staunch royalists enjoyed the latest escapades from the young royals.

Be it Kate charming the public, sparking a fashion frenzy with her choice of outfit, Harry making some cheeky quip or the royal kiddos sending every woman’s ovaries into overdrive. Yes, they had a job to do, but they were also reasonably entertaining.

This week in royal news, we were treated to Prince William attending a seaweed event. Some poor soul in the Prince’s team even had to try to make it sound exciting in a series of social media posts.

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“En route to Cardiff today to celebrate seaweed innovation!” they wrote to Will and Kate’s 16 million Instagram followers.

Riveting stuff.

In the 21 months since we lost Queen Elizabeth II, things have taken a turn for the dull very quickly for our royal family.

And much of it through no fault of their own.

While Princess Kate, understandably, takes time away to deal with her cancer diagnosis, one of the most popular royals is out of the equation.

While Elizabeth II grew up as Queen, King Charles is unable to carry the same X-factor, having become monarch in his 70s.

Add in a few boring engagements and the magic the royals had some years ago appears to be fading fast.

There are rumours princesses Beatrice and Eugenie might be asked to take on their share of royal duties and bring some youth and excitement back into this very vanilla royal family.

There are even reports Harry and Meghan might be welcomed back into the fold.

And, even if they have to resort to those great lengths, it’s badly needed to keep the royals relevant.

Because there’s no point to the royals if they’re as boring as you and me.


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