GEORGIE PARKER: Ten things to like about AFL Round 10 from Travis Boak calling out losers to Suns going to NT

Georgie Parker
The West Australian
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Travis Boak called out some really bad behaviour and the NT needs an AFL team even if it's the Suns.
Travis Boak called out some really bad behaviour and the NT needs an AFL team even if it's the Suns. Credit: Getty Images

From frustrating fans to footy freaks and the divisive fixture, Georgie Parker runs through her key takeaways as the season nears its halfway point.

Round 10 of the AFL and here are 10 things I’ve learned so far...

1. Most fans are so one-eyed it’s frustrating.

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Victorian clubs suggesting travelling in business class outweighs the effects of travelling every second week is as naive as non-Victorian clubs thinking their home ground advantage isn’t greater than Victorian’s.

It’s crazy how you see things different when you actually open your eyes and see things from a different perspective, you should try it.

2. Comparing a first year player to any established player is risky.

You may end up being able to say ‘I told you so’, or you may end up with egg on your face. Let’s let players evolve, and if you can’t do it for their whole career, let’s at least do it for one year.

3. Isaac Heeney is a freak. That’s all. No more to say.

Isaac Heeney celebrates kicking a goal on Friday night.
Isaac Heeney celebrates kicking a goal on Friday night. Credit: Mark Metcalfe/AFL Photos/via Getty Images

4. The AFL can’t win with how they fixture the backend of the season.

We all love Thursday night footy, but we want good matches in these prime time slots and clubs don’t want five day breaks.

We’re complaining there’s no matches but we’ll complain that they’re bad if there are, and clubs (rightly so) just want things to be as fair as they can be. Lose/lose/lose, no matter what they do.

5. Travis Boak publicly condemning the Victorian footy club who was ranking women as they ran onto the ground is what more AFL players need to do.

Calling out loser behaviour as someone who is looked up to is powerful, and we need more of it. If women can be respected by the best of the game, then men below will hopefully follow.

AFL players have a really important role to play in the development and respect of the women’s game, so hopefully we see more of them supporting the women’s game.

6. Seeing the crowd at TIO Stadium is making me double down on my stance that there should be an AFL team in the Territory.

I don’t care if it’s a new one or we move the Suns (sorry Gold Coast), but it’s just gotta happen.

7. Every week we seem to have a suspension which doesn’t make sense to a suspension from weeks prior.

It’s an overcomplicated mess which is confusing to supporters and the players alike.

The AFL are terrified of what is ahead of them when it comes to the handling of concussions so are hand balling the problem elsewhere.

Given the extent in which the AFL are trying to protect the head this year, the grading system needs a complete overhaul, and fast.

8. I get it, sport is the most important, unimportant thing on the planet, especially to Australians.

That passion can get mixed up with other emotions sometimes, and people can become mean, especially online. I’ve been called every name under the sun (not fit for publication), have had new accounts created day after day just to troll me and other women, and of course the lovely threats of telling me to watch myself in the street.

I’m a battler so can’t imagine what people or players with actual followings receive. No, that player didn’t cost you your multi. Their colour of their skin isn’t important, neither is their gender or sexual preference. That random account doesn’t like your club? Just scroll past, it doesn’t matter.

Take a breath and write posts your grandma would be proud of, or don’t write them at all.

9. The count-up clock is king.

Bring back the 5-minute warning, and bring the excitement you get from not knowing at the ground to your couch. You may need to have a defibrillator on hand though, particularly if you’re a Collingwood fan.

10. And finally, $8.50 for a packet of lollies at the footy is too much.

We can all agree on that one, surely.


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