National Anti-Corruption Commission drops investigation into six robodebt bureaucrats

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Scott Morrison was criticised by the royal commission into the robodebt scandal.
Scott Morrison was criticised by the royal commission into the robodebt scandal. Credit: LUKAS COCH/AAPIMAGE

The National Anti-Corruption Commission has decided not to pursue six people referred to it over the robodebt scandal, saying their conduct had been fully explored by the royal commission’s examination.

In a statement released on Thursday afternoon, the federal watchdog said while it could contemplate whether their conduct amounted to corruption or not, it could not impose any sanctions nor could it make any recommendation that would not have already been made the the royal commission.

Five of the six public officials had also been referred to the Australian Public Service Commission, which has powers to impose sanctions.

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“In the absence of a real likelihood of a further investigation producing significant new evidence, it is undesirable for a number of reasons to conduct multiple investigations into the same matter,” it said.

“The Commission has therefore decided not to commence a corruption investigation as it would not add value in the public interest.

“However, the Commission considers that the outcomes of the Robodebt Royal Commission contain lessons of great importance for enhancing integrity in the Commonwealth public sector and the accountability of public officials.

“The Commission will continue through its investigation, inquiry, and corruption prevention and education functions, to address the integrity issues raised in the final report, particularly in relation to ethical decision making, to ensure that those lessons are learnt, and to hold public officials to account.”

In coming to this decision, the NACC reviewed the confidential chapter of the royal commission’s final report.

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