Sydney school camp drug scandal: Police called in and two students ‘no longer at the school’

Max Corstorphan
The Nightly
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Police are investigate after a drug scandal rocked two elite Sydney schools holding a joint camp.
Police are investigate after a drug scandal rocked two elite Sydney schools holding a joint camp. Credit: BIANCA DE MARCHI/AAPIMAGE

A school camp gone wrong has left parents at two elite Sydney schools alarmed amid a drug scandal and wild rumours of students being handcuffed to trees.

Newington College and MLC School, formally known as Methodist Ladies College, held a five-day co-ed cadet camp in Eungai Creek, near Macksville NSW at the end of Term 1.

During the camp, two students were found to be in possession of “a prohibited substance”.

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It is alleged that the students had an e-cigarette with THC oil in it. THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant and is what gives users a “high” feeling.

The news of drugs found on the camp had parents alarmed and caused “misinformation” to spread like wildfire leading Newington to issue a letter to parents.

In the letter, a Newington College spokesperson said: “Our initial investigations are able to confirm that a student/s did bring a prohibited substance in the form of an e-cigarette with THC oil to camp, and further investigations are underway.

“Concerning, there is also a lot of misinformation circulating on social media and in chat groups. For example, no students were ‘handcuffed to trees’ and a large number of ‘gummies’ were confiscated from students, but they had been purchased from the supermarket and did not contain any prohibited ingredients.

“While we do not wish to go into further details here, misinformation is damaging to individual students, not to mention without basis in fact.”

Newington College confirmed one parent reached out with further information after the letter was shared.

The two students involved in the incident will not return to Newington College when term 2 starts on Tuesday.

In a fresh statement shared on Monday morning, a Newington spokesperson advised: “The school commenced a thorough investigation at the end of last term, and these investigations will continue when the students return to school for Term 2.

“The school has detailed and rigorous internal policies for responding to these sorts of matters.

“The two students in possession of a THC based product were returned from camp early and are no longer at the school.

“NSW Police has been contacted about the possession of a THC based product.”

Speaking to The Nightly on Monday afternoon, NSW Police confirmed: “Officers attached to the Inner Police area command are aware of the matter and are conducting inquiries.”

NSW Health website confirms requirements for cannabis medicines are the same or similar to those for other Schedule 8 medicines and for other unregistered medicines (which have not been proven safe and effective).

In addition, unless it is lawfully prescribed as a medicine, cannabis is a prohibited drug under NSW law, and classified as a narcotic drug, as well as a prohibited import, under Commonwealth law.

MLC School, the other education provider that had students at the joint camp is yet to provide a public statement on the incident.

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