Fremantle star Jordan Clark reportedly reveals what he said before dissent call

Mitchell Woodcock
The Nightly
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Fremantle fans are rallying around defender Jordan Clark.
Fremantle fans are rallying around defender Jordan Clark. Credit: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

Fremantle star Jordan Clark has reportedly told the club he had called himself a “ idiot” when it was mistaken for umpire dissent in a major twist to an already controversial ending in their loss to Carlton.

Clark was penalised in the final 40 seconds of the game which resulted in a Matt Kennedy goal that sealed Fremantle’s first loss of the season.

The Herald Sun is reporting the defender had used the expression “you f…ing idiot, Jordan” in reference to himself for letting Matt Cottrell take a mark off the boot of teammate George Hewett.

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It came at the same time teammates were pleading with the umpires that the Hewett kick was touched by defender James Aish, which has since been backed up by vision.

Cottrell would kick the goal to put Carlton in front before Kennedy kicked the sealer without the ball heading back to the middle.

The same report also states that the Dockers were upset about forward Jye Amiss not receiving free kicks during the games, while Carlton’s forwards were in marking contests.

AFL football boss Laura Kane has since backed the call made by umpire Alex Whetton, which iced the game for the Blues in the final minute.

“The rule is that the free kick after a goal is paid from the middle of the ground or where the free kick or the incident occurs, whatever is more disadvantageous to the offending team in this case Fremantle,” she said.

“We’ve been strong on dissent. We’ve been clear. We don’t see it often because players aren’t doing it and that’s a good thing.

“You can’t swear at umpires, it’s a rule but we don’t want to see that kind of behaviour.

“We’re comfortable with the dissent free kick being paid. It’s language I can’t use at 9am in the morning on Sunday on live TV.

“It is not appropriate we don’t want to see it and we’re comfortable with that second free kick being paid for dissent.”

Kane admitted though the umpires missed the touched kick which resulted in Cottrell’s goal that put Carlton in front.

“It was touched. The umpires missed that one,” Kane told Offsiders.

“As you see there with the replay, super slowmo, multiple different angles, different positioning of the cameras to where our umpires were positioned and it’s a tricky game to officiate, so they’ve missed that one but we can see clearly on the replay that it was touched.”

It is set to make former AFL umpire Michael Pell’s controversial and strange comments even more ludicrous.

Pell has caused an uproar after attacking Clark’s character in a rant on X (formerly twitter) after the game.

Fremantle fans have also launched a defence of Clark’s character after it was called into question by former umpire Pell, who is being investigated for allegedly supplying sensitive information on Brownlow Medal votes.

Pell was arrested over the allegations but has not been charged with any offence.

“The irony in all this is that I warned Jordan Clark in a Covid 14v14 nothing game when he was a spoilt brat and carrying on that he needed to stop abusing umpires,” Pell wrote on X.

“Guess he still hasn’t learnt. Stinky attitude and any wonder Geelong were happy to see the back of him.”

Pell has been universally slammed for the comments, with many fans pointing to his comments being ironic given his betting allegations.

Fremantle fans are even putting their money where their mouths are, with his playing worn kit up to $600 in the auction after the game.


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