Wayne Carey: AFL great vows to walk away from footy if Peter Wright gets weeks for hit

Aaron Kirby
The Nightly
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Wayne Carey has unleashed on the AFL.
Wayne Carey has unleashed on the AFL. Credit: Kelly Defina/via AFL Photos

Former North Melbourne champion Wayne Carey has declared the AFL “weak” and vowed not to watch games if Essendon forward Peter Wright is suspended at the Tribunal.

Carey unleashed a heated tirade at the AFL after Wright was sent straight to the tribunal for a hit that left Sydney defender Harry Cunningham with a concussion.

Cunningham reported memory loss after the marking collision during the Swans win on Saturday where Wright - affectionately nicknamed ‘two-metre Peter’ - collected him in the head from behind after turning his body to brace for impact.

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However, Carey said he would stop watching the game he played for decades if the Essendon forward copped a suspension, expressing his fury in an explosive rant on his Wayne Carey Truth Hurts podcast.

“Weak as piss straight away to the AFL. Whoever decided that was sent straight to the tribunal; that was absolute crap and wrong,” he said.

“I’m prepared to say if Peter Wright gets suspended, whatever weeks he gets, I will not watch a game of AFL footy. I’m done.

“I’m jumping ship, and I would say to anyone out there if we want this game to look anything like it should look, he’s allowed to attack that footy and he’s allowed to protect himself.

“They got to the footy simultaneously; he turned his body to protect himself. If he doesn’t turn his body, they’re both hurt. This is what our game is about.

“It’s just gone too far now. I will not watch footy for as long as he gets weeks. It’s a waste of time, a waste of his money, and I could not be more disappointed.”

Cunningham will miss at least one week under the AFL’s 12-day concussion protocols.

The incident comes after Bombers coach Brad Scott declared his players would take the field with a hard, physical “edge” in 2024.


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