RICHARD EDEN: Could this be a costly whiff of trouble at Sussexes pad?

Richard Eden
Daily Mail
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Harry and Meghan.
Harry and Meghan. Credit: Patrick van Katwijk/Getty Images

He’s blessed with a AUD$37.4m Tuscan-style mansion with seven bedrooms, thirteen and a half bathrooms, library, cinema, gym, pool and chicken coop — not to mention two delightful children and a bewitching wife who yearns for you to taste her jam.

But Prince Harry and, indeed, his entire neighbourhood may now urgently be in need of a “scrubber” machine — or several of them — as I will explain.

That’s the verdict of those contending with a “skunk-like” odour, a “jaw-clamping stench” and an “ungodly stink’.

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It’s caused by the cannabis which is now legally grown in California — including at the farm where Meghan and a 50-strong crew will film much of her impending home-cookery series for Netflix.

Lying just ten minutes from the Sussexes Montecito residence, the farm is one of several which have seen traditional crops — like grapes and avocados — make way for cannabis, grown on an “industrial scale”.

A cannabis farm is just 10 minutes from Prince Harry and Meghan’s Montecito mansion.
A cannabis farm is just 10 minutes from Prince Harry and Meghan’s Montecito mansion. Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Ms. Foundation for

The aromatic consequences have, alas, been overpowering for unsuspecting residents, prompting one to remark he thought “something (had) died in the basement” — until, that is, he remembered he didn’t have a basement.

Convinced the noxious smell was caused by rodents, he called in pest control.

“The gentleman came over and installed a trap. We waited… and waited.”

Nothing was trapped.

Realising the air itself was contaminated, the house owner helped bring a lawsuit against two farms — not the one where Meghan will be filming — whose output is alleged to be especially foul.

This is where scrubbers can, apparently, come to the rescue.

A scrubber is the name for a filtering machine which, it’s claimed, can rid the air of 84 per cent of the hideous cannabis reek.

But it comes at a price — AUD$32,000-a-piece.

That’s not all: ten are needed per acre if they’re to be effective.

It’s enough to get the farmers using some of their own product — one which Harry, in his memoir spare, said had “help(ed)” him, bringing him ‘a sense of relaxation, relief, comfort…”

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