Greg Lynn: Widow of killed camper Russell Hill speaks after bombshell split verdict

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A jury of 12 deliberated for seven days and returned a split verdict on Tuesday.

The widow of one of the campers killed during a fight with ex-Jetstar pilot Greg Lynn says she hopes he “suffers for the rest of his life and has a lovely time in jail”.

Robyn Hill said that while she was disappointed Lynn was found not guilty of her husband’s murder, at least he was convicted over the death of Carol Clay. She had feared he would walk free.

Mrs Hill told the Herald Sun “an innocent person doesn’t get rid of the bodies” — a reference to Lynn’s admission that he had dumped the pair’s bodies on a bush track in March 2020 and months later returned to burn them.

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And, in an interview with 7NEWS, Mrs Hill said she hoped Lynn “suffers for the rest of his life and has a lovely time in jail”.

“How can you have one person murdered and not the other person who is also dead and the person who did it is still standing up?”

“I don’t think Lynn had any scars on him from a knife attack, did he?

“I think he’s got off lightly.”

Mr Hill and Mrs Clay, who were having a secret affair, had been camping in the Wonnangatta Valley in Victoria’s high country when they crossed paths with Lynn.

Lynn denied both murder charges, telling the jury the two deaths were accidental and occurred after he struggled with a gun and then a knife with Mr Hill.

He claimed Mrs Clay died when a shotgun discharged and she was shot in the head during the first struggle, and that Mr Hill died when he came at Lynn with a knife and was stabbed in the chest.

Carol Clay and Russell Hill
Carol Clay and Russell Hill were in a secret relationship. Credit: AAP

Mr Hill and Mrs Clay had been high school sweethearts and rekindled their relationship in 2006.

During the five-week trial in Melbourne’s Supreme Court it emerged Mr Hill and Mrs Clay had at one point planned to leave their spouses, which Mrs Clay did, but Mr Hill backed out.

Mrs Hill said she knew about the affair and had no hard feelings toward Mrs Clay, saying she was an “intelligent woman”.

“She was a very nice lady. She’s her own person,” she told 7NEWS.

“I knew they were together.

“We’re all individuals. No one really owns us.”

On Tuesday, their families released a statement, saying they were both relieved and devastated after the verdict.

“We thank the jury for their verdict of guilty in the murder of Carol Clay. It was an extremely difficult task given that the accused destroyed so much evidence”.

“The verdict of not guilty in relation to the murder of Russell Hill is devastating. There was not enough evidence to be sure of how he died.”

Lynn claims Russell Hill died when he was stabbed in the chest during a fight.
Lynn claims Russell Hill died when he was stabbed in the chest during a fight. Credit: Unknown/Unknown

The families said they were always aware that the prosecutor had an enormous burden of proof as there were no eyewitnesses.

“The accused was the only person who saw and experienced what happened. He was also the only person who emerged alive.”

Lynn is expected to return to court on July 19 for sentencing where he is facing a maximum penalty of life in prison.

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