Greg Lynn: Families of Russell Hill and Carol Clay issue statement after split verdict in murder trial

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Greg Lynn was found guilty of murdering Carol Clay, and not guilty of murdering Russell Hill.
Greg Lynn was found guilty of murdering Carol Clay, and not guilty of murdering Russell Hill. Credit: JOEL CARRETT/AAPIMAGE

The families of two campers killed in Victoria say they are both relieved and devastated after a split verdict was handed down in the trial of the man accused of murdering them.

Greg Lynn, a former Jetstar pilot, was found guilty of murdering Carol Clay and not guilty of murdering Russell Hill who had been on a camping trip together in Victoria’s high country when they were killed in March 2020.

The possibility of a manslaughter verdict had earlier been ruled out by the judge.

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Lynn, 57, denied he had murdered them but had admitted to dumping their bodies on a bush track and months later returning to burn them.

“We thank the jury for their verdict of guilty in the murder of Carol Clay. It was an extremely difficult task given that the accused destroyed so much evidence,” the Clay and Hill families said in a written statement.

“The verdict of not guilty in relation to the murder of Russell Hill is devastating. There was not enough evidence to be sure of how he died.”

The families said they were heartbroken over the loss of their loved ones.

“It will take time to absorb the verdicts, put this behind us and set about healing and getting on with our lives. Right now, we ask you to respect our privacy while we do this.”

The families said they were always aware that the prosecutor had an enormous burden of proof as there were no eyewitnesses.

“The accused was the only person who saw and experienced what happened. He was also the only person who emerged alive.”

Carol Clay and Russell Hill
Carol Clay and Russell Hill. Credit: AAP

The families thanked prosecutors and police for their efforts over the past four years and a half years.

“We thank the crown prosecutors wholeheartedly for their diligent effort in presenting the pretrial and the trial. They had an enormous job putting a case together with limited evidence. They fought hard to keep all their evidence allowed in court, so the jury could make an informed decision, but this was not the case.”

Lynn told the jury the two deaths were accidental and occurred after he struggled with a gun and then a knife with Mr Hill.

He claimed Mrs Clay died when a shotgun discharged and she was shot in the head during the first struggle, and that Mr Hill died when he came at Lynn with a knife and was stabbed in the chest.

Lynn is now facing a maximum penalty of life in prison.

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