Mexico murders: Court hears ‘I killed them’ over the death of Callum and Jake Robinson

Max Corstorphan
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Jake and Callum Robinson were murdered in Mexico.
Jake and Callum Robinson were murdered in Mexico. Credit: Instagram/Instagram

New details have emerged in court over the murder of Perth brothers Jake and Callum Robinson, along with their American companion Carter Rhoad, as the former girlfriend of the alleged killer reportedly turned on him.

Jesus Gerardo, also known as “El Kekas”, appeared in court in the Mexican city of Ensenada with his hands and feet handcuffed and chained to the floor.

He is accused of being responsible for the disappearance of the three men. Charges against Mr Gerardo are expected to be upgraded to murder in the coming days.

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Mr Gerardo’s former girlfriend Ari Gisell has now emerged as the key witness for the prosecution, alleging he came home from the execution-style killings and told her: “I f....d up three gringos.”

Ms Gisell said she asked Mr Gerardo to clarify what he meant and he then allegedly replied: “I killed them”.

According to prosecutors, Mr Gerardo then presented Ms Gisell with a mobile phone, claiming it was a gift, before showing her new tyres allegedly stolen from the victims’ vehicle.

Ms Gisell, who has a four-year-old daughter, fled to her mother’s home before being apprehended by law enforcement.

Ms Gisell, who has been arrested but not yet charged, is understood to be assisting investigations as she is concerned for her child’s welfare and accuses Mr Gerardo of domestic abuse.

Christian Alejandro was also arrested but not charged.

Mr Gerardo will remain in custody until his next court appearance scheduled for November 10.

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