Mexican murders: Authorities warn of more arrests in connection to murder of Callum and Jake Robinson

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Perth brothers Jake and Callum Robinson and a friend went missing on a surfing trip in Mexico. (HANDOUT/SUPPLIED)
Perth brothers Jake and Callum Robinson and a friend went missing on a surfing trip in Mexico. (HANDOUT/SUPPLIED) Credit: AAP

Mexican authorities have warned more arrests could be made in connection to the murder of Australian brothers Callum and Jake Robinson, along with their Californian friend Jack Carter Rhoad.

Speaking to Milenio news outlet on Tuesday morning, Mexican Attorney General María Andrade revealed that law enforcement has honed in on a group of potential accomplices linked to the heinous crime. However, due to ongoing investigations, she refrained from disclosing the exact number of suspects involved.

Ms Andrade’s statement comes after the parents of Australian brothers arrived in Mexico for the heartbreaking task of identifying the bodies on Monday.

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Three dead bodies found in a well last week have now been identified as the missing tourists: Australian brothers Callum, 33, and Jake Robinson, 30, as well as American Carter Rhoad, 30.

The Baja California Attorney-General’s Office confirmed their identification on Monday.

The corpses were decomposing after the thieves dumped them into a remote, 15-metre well.

The three men went missing last weekend during a camping and surfing trip, posting idyllic photos on social media of waves and isolated beaches along a stretch of coast south of the city of Ensenada.

Ms Ramirez described the moments of terror that ended their trip.

She said the killers drove by and saw the foreigners’ pickup truck and tents, and wanted to steal their tyres.

“Surely, they resisted,” she said of the victims, and the thieves shot them to death.

The thieves then went to what she called “a site that is extremely hard to get to” and dumped their bodies into a well they apparently were familiar with.

Investigators found a fourth body in the well, with authorities not ruling out the possibility the same suspects also dumped the additional body in the well as part of their thefts.

“They may have been looking for trucks in this area,” Ms Ramirez said.

The site where the bodies were discovered near the township of Santo Tomas was near the remote seaside area where the missing men’s tents and truck were found Thursday along the coast.

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