Missing Perth brothers: Parents arrive in Mexico to identify bodies as chilling details emerge from autopsy

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Perth siblings Callum and Jake Robinson are thought to have been killed in Mexico. (HANDOUT/SUPPLIED)
Perth siblings Callum and Jake Robinson are thought to have been killed in Mexico. (HANDOUT/SUPPLIED) Credit: AAP

Mexican authorities have confirmed that the three bodies located in the search for missing Australian brothers, who are yet to be identified, were killed in an execution-style shooting, as the parents of Jake and Callum Robinson touch down in Mexico.

Three people have been charged over the disappearance of the Perth brothers and their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad.

It comes after four bodies, one believed to be unrelated to the disappearance, were discovered in a well in the Baja California area, near where the brothers and their mate had been on a surfing trip before they were last seen on April 27.

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The brothers’ parents, Deborah and Martin Robinson, have arrived in Mexico to confront the grim reality of their son’s fate.

On Monday morning they reportedly met with Baja’s attorney general and the Australian ambassador to Mexico.

Their first task is to formally identify the bodies of their sons, which were discovered under harrowing circumstances.

Details emerging from the autopsy report paint a chilling picture of the brothers’ final moments. All three victims suffered gunshot wounds to the head.

The attorney general, in a recent press conference, has labelled the incident as a “robbery gone wrong,” implicating three Mexican nationals as the perpetrators.

The assailants reportedly targeted the group, including the Australian brothers and their American friends, in a bid to steal their vehicle. However, scepticism surrounds this explanation, with local journalists questioning the speed of the investigation.

Further questions have been raised after a fourth body was discovered with the three bodies involved in the investigation. However, the attorney general has assured the public that the additional body is unrelated to the case.

In response to the disappearance of the missing brothers, the discovery of yet-to-be-identified bodies and escalating violence in the region, local surfers have gathered for a demonstration at Ensenada Plaza. Their protest serves as both a condemnation of the violence and a display of solidarity with Australians affected by the tragedy.

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