Influencer Roxy Jacenko promises to refund 7000 fans after home giveaway promo goes wrong

Zach Margolius
The Nightly
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Jacenko's promo began in March.
Jacenko's promo began in March. Credit: Roxy Jacenko

Influencer Roxy Jacenko has been forced to apologise to 7000 fans who purchased entries to her Roxy’s Bootcamp promotion after revealing she has “lost control” of the giveaway and can’t promise to deliver all of the luxury prizes.

The PR queen and entrepreneur launched the promo on March 8 which offered new customers of her Brand Bootcamp online business course the chance to win three epic prizes.

Up for grabs were a luxurious waterfront mansion in Sydney or $250,000 cash, a Birken bag, and a Rolex watch.

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With prizes valued in their thousands, entrants were charged as little as $29 for the course to be in the running.

In a series of emotional videos shared to Instagram — where she boasts 269K followers — the mother of two came clean on the irredeemable situation and what it meant for her customers.

“I’ve pulled myself together and I have made a decision overnight, this is the right thing to do,” she captioned Sunday’s post.

“I cannot have my name on something that I do not have any control over, I cannot be assured that what you bought into can be delivered — so, I will refund you, personally.

“Please bear with me whilst I work through this process over the next week. Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow mums — and let this be a lesson to all — what doesn’t kill you — makes you stronger ❤️”.

A distressed Jacenko said she was approached by people previously unknown to her offering to add value to her Bootcamp course by promoting lavish giveaways to new online customers.

Jumping at the thought of offering her loyal fans the chance at a better life — she agreed — and heavily “spruiked” the offer, with The Nightly breaking the exclusive story.

Unfortunately, Jacenko said she no longer had faith the prizing could be fulfilled after only a few days and felt betrayed by her business partners.

Talent agent and entrepreneur Roxy Jacenko was giving away this $10m house in Cronulla.
Talent agent and entrepreneur Roxy Jacenko was giving away this $10m house in Cronulla. Credit: Supplied

She even offered to fork out $150,000 of her own money to ensure the cash prize could be fulfilled at the time but was shut down.

“So the promotion carried on going and I carried on with my mindset of, ‘we’re gonna get this done’. We’re gonna make three people’s lives different by winning three fantastic prizes throughout the course of the last two months,” she said.

Growing increasingly concerned and “distressed” over the worsening situation, Jacenko admitted she felt physically sick over the ill-fated promotion.

“I have stepped down as a director. I am now only a shareholder. My hands are tied. I am exhausted. I feel bullied. I feel distressed and I’m embarrassed.

“Now, I can’t do any more. . . Sadly, my name is all over this, but what I want you to know is I did my absolute best.

“I can’t be in a position where I’m 49 kilos and I certainly cannot be in a position where walking to the door to answer the intercom, I faint.’

Insisting she would repay her customers, the distraught social media star told her legion of fans she would bow out with a heavy heart, albeit a lighter wallet.

“After much thought, I’ve made a decision and that decision is that I will personally refund each and every one of the 7000 plus customers who have purchased a package in Roxy’s Boot Camp.

“I’m holding my head high, standing my ground and making sure that each and every one of you who have purchased a package are refunded is really important,” she said.

“I wanna sleep at night and I wanna know that I did what was right, no matter what dispute within a business is going on. The general public should not be a victim of that. Full refunds from me personally will commence occurring from Monday.”

To finish, the PR maven said despite the regrettable events she would bounce back.

“I feel relieved. I feel it’s honourable and I feel that ethically it’s what needs to be done. I was backed into a corner. My name is all over this. This money can be made again by me. I’m an entrepreneur. It’s in my blood.”

Crikey claimed the chances of winning the $10 million house were “miniscule”.

Terms and conditions for the competition stated should an applicant’s name be drawn, they would need to select both of the two “winning” envelopes out of a possible 250 options to claim the home.

Jacenko defined the terms of the competition in an email to Crikey.

“There IS A CHANCE and that is how we are communicating the offer and always have been, we are offering someone the chance to play to WIN the property and guaranteed conciliation prizes if it is not won via the method,” she wrote.

“There are lots of ways of looking and judging this, and of course there are ALWAYS going to be people with an opinion — I am attached to it!”

She compared the odds to that of a scratch-and-win from the local newsagent.

“The fact is go buy a scratchy from your local newsagent, the scratch-off bit gets all under your nails (cause who carries a coin these days), and on the carpet of your car & you are looking at top prize odds on a $5 ticket of 1 in 1,700,000.”

In the wake of the botched promo, some customers may have recalled her husband Oliver Curtis was sentenced to jail time in 2016 on fraud-related charges.

However, although removing comments on her “apology” videos, Jacenko’s social presence and subsequent posts continued to be met with support from fans.

She spent the remainder of Sunday enjoying Mother’s Day with her family.

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