Desperate search for Perth brothers Jake and Callum Robinson missing in Mexico

Lauren Price
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Brothers Jake (left) and Callum (right) Robinson are missing in Mexico.
Brothers Jake (left) and Callum (right) Robinson are missing in Mexico. Credit: Instagram/Instagram

A desperate search is underway for two Perth brothers who have vanished while on a surfing trip in Mexico.

Callum and Jake Robinson — both aged in their 30s — are believed to have gone missing in the Baja California region, near Ensenada, while on a surfing and camping trip.

Local media outlets have reported that a woman is in custody in connection to their disappearance after authorities discovered she was in possession of one of the missing men’s mobile phones as well as methamphetamine.

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It is understood authorities were able to track the phone after it was left turned on and located it on the woman in the Maneadero area, just south of Ensenada.

Local authorities have intensified the search, including deploying drones and GPS tracking technology.

Their mother Debra Robinson has taken to social media to appeal for help and it is understood the boy’s parents will fly over to Mexico.

“Reaching out to anyone who has seen my two sons,” she wrote.

Callum Robinson (left) with brother Jake (right).
Callum Robinson (left) with brother Jake (right). Credit: Instagram/Instagram

“They have not contacted us since Saturday 27th April. They are travelling with another friend an American citizen.

“They were due to book into an Airbnb in Rosarito after their camping weekend but they did not show up.

“Callum is a type one diabetic so there is also a medical concern. Please contact me if you have seen them or know their whereabouts. Thank you.”

A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson has confirmed the agency is assisting the family.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is providing consular assistance to the family of two Australians reported missing in Mexico,” the spokesperson said.

“Owing to our privacy obligations we are unable to provide further comment.”

The brothers were travelling with a third man from the US, named Jack Carter Rhoad. Mr Rhoad is also missing.

Facebook post regarding missing Robinson brothers Unknown
Facebook post regarding missing Robinson brothers Unknown Credit: Unknown/Supplied

A friend of the brothers, named Dan, told morning radio that social media updates from the pair, which were posted regularly, have come to an abrupt stop.

“Callum lives over in America and Jake was visiting and sort of posted fairly regularly about their trip up until the weekend,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

“They haven’t actually checked into where they were meant to be on Saturday, and no one’s been able to get in contact with them since.

“We believe Callum was due back at work last week and hasn’t shown up … so obviously friends and family are quite concerned.”

“I think everyone’s just sort of hoping that we can spread the word for anyone that has any contacts in America or around that area that might be able to put the word out.

“I believe that Jake and Callum’s parents are trying to get a flight over there now.”

There are fears for Callum Robinson’s health because he is diabetic.
There are fears for Callum Robinson’s health because he is diabetic. Credit: Instagram/Instagram

Family and friends have also spread the word on social media.

“My Australian friends Jake and Callum Robinson have gone missing around Rosarita/Ensenada region of Baja California Norte Saturday morning,” one post said.

“They were likely surfing.

“Callum is a diabetic — this is a very dire situation if you can please share if you know anyone who lives locally.

“They were driving (a) Chevrolet Colorado utility with Californian number plates — 7018W1.”

Callum is a skilled lacrosse player and a member of the Australian men’s national team.

He attended Sacred Heart College in Perth and first started playing at Wembley Lacrosse Club, before he journeyed to the US to play college lacrosse at Stevenson University - where he was later named the men’s lacrosse scholar-athlete of the year.

In a 2021 interview with the Australian Lacrosse Network, Callum said he felt fortunate to grow up in Perth, but knew he needed to live abroad if he wanted to make a career out of the sport he loved.

“I was very fortunate to grow up in a beautiful city like Perth Australia,” he said at the time.

“Certainly the sun, sand, vitamin D (and) saltwater have always been prominent features of my life.

“Living abroad now and making a career of lacrosse, to come back to where I had these humble beginnings really reminds me of what I’ve been able to achieve, but also what is continuing to be in front of me and where I want to continue to push my game and the sport of lacrosse.”

As news broke of the missing trio, Lacrosse Australia appealed to the global lacrosse network to spread the story in the hopes of finding the boys.

“Lacrosse Australia joins with the rest of the Australian lacrosse family in (sic) expressing its concerns over the whereabouts of Australian lacrosse star Callum Robinson, Callum’s brother Jake and their friend Jack Carter Rhoad who have been missing since 27 April in the Rosarita/Ensenada region of Baja California Notre, Mexico,” they wrote on social media.

“We urge the Australian lacrosse community and our global lacrosse family to continue sharing the post from Callum’s friends and family... in the hope that Callum, Jake and Jack are found safe and sound.

“Our thoughts are with the families and friends of Callum, Jake and Jack during this incredibly stressful time.”

It is understood he had been living in San Diego, and that Jake — a doctor — had travelled over to visit him.

The US-based Australian was last active on Instagram four days ago, updating his social media with happy images and videos from his trip.

It is understood Jake had travelled to visit his brother in the US before they embarked on the surfing trip to Mexico.
It is understood Jake had travelled to visit his brother in the US before they embarked on the surfing trip to Mexico. Credit: Instagram/Instagram

These included images of the white vehicle the pair were travelling in, as well as footage of the group eating at a local restaurant.

WA Premier Roger Cook said he shared the family’s concerns.

“This obviously must be very worrying for the family involved. When we do send our young men and women overseas to enjoy that adventure holiday they invite an element of risk and this is really quite distressing,” he said.

“I understand that one of the individuals has a medical condition that would need ongoing care. So I share the concerns of all Western Australians in terms of their welfare.”

Jake Robinson, 30, is described as being 6 foot, 2 inches in height, with short hair. While Callum Robinson, 33, is described at 6 foot 4 inches with long hair.

Their friend, Jack Carter Rhoad, 30, stands at 5 foot and 9 inches with light hair.

The search for the Robinson brothers comes nine years after West Australian surfers Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman went missing while travelling through Mexico.

The duo were scheduled to travel south from Los Mochis to the city of Guadalajara when they were last seen – failing to check in to their accommodation prompting concerns from family and friends in Australia.

Mexican authorities later found the remains of the duo in a burnt-out van.

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