‘Beyond cringe’: Canva unveils new offering with hip hop performance that riles up the internet

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A screenshot of the Canva performance.
A screenshot of the Canva performance. Credit: Twitter/X

Start-up success story Canva has launched the latest iteration of its graphic design product suite with a performance that has led many to grimace.

At its first international Canva Create event in Los Angeles on Sunday the company debuted its ‘Enterprise’ offering — graphic design software catered to large organisations — with a 90s-style hip hop performance.

The performance set social media alight, with many users labelling the two minute 20 second music number “cringe”.

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“Feels like one of those stage performances to for kids to warn them of the dangers of drugs,” one X user said.

“I will still use Canva regardless of this cringe. That is a testament to the product,” another chimed in.

“The whole thing is just beyond cringe,” posted another user.

But other more cynical observers believe the cringey display was an intentional act by Canva to elicit some publicity.

Despite making a song and dance about its latest offering Canva has remained tight-lipped about potential plans to go public.

Ahead of its first international Canva Create event in Los Angeles, a company spokeswoman on Friday said it would not comment further on the initial public offering following questions from The West Australian.

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