Drew Barrymore says Happy Gilmore 2 is definitely in the works

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Adam Sandler is bringing back Happy Gilmore, says Drew Barrymore.
Adam Sandler is bringing back Happy Gilmore, says Drew Barrymore. Credit: Supplied

Happy Gilmore 2 is in the works, according to Drew Barrymore, who is, of course, a close and personal friend of Adam Sandler.

Barrymore teased the news in a clip promoting an upcoming episode of her TV series The Drew Barrymore Show.

She and Sandler had exchanged messages the previous evening about whether a Happy Gilmore sequel was happening, and he replied to her during the taping. She informed her audience – and the cameras – “This just in, I have breaking news. I’ll just say this, from my source, that it is in process. There is a process, and that process is in process.”

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Barrymore had earlier said that she had seen a news report that actor Christopher McDonald, who played villain Shooter McGavin, claimed he had seen a copy of a Happy Gilmore 2 script.

“I want it, I need it,” she declared. The excitement prompted her to watch another Sandler movie Billy Madison, which kicked off the messaging with Sandler.

Happy Gilmore remains one of Sandler’s most beloved films. Credit: Supplied

Sandler co-wrote Happy Gilmore with Tim Herlihy and it remains one of Sandler’s most beloved releases. The story follows that of a hockey player who switches to golf and enters a tournament as the underdog. He’s also trying to save his grandmother’s house from being foreclosed by the tax man so winning is super, super personal.

It also starred Julie Bowen, Carl Weathers and Bob Barker.

Sandler flagged in 2022 that he hoped to make a sequel. While Universal released the 1996 movie, Sandler’s production company now has a deal with Netflix.

Sandler and Barrymore have made three rom-coms together: The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates and Blended.

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