Wolfs trailer: George Clooney and Brad Pitt reunited in comedic crime caper

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Wolfs will be in cinemas on September 19.
Wolfs will be in cinemas on September 19. Credit: Sony/Apple

Danny Ocean may be “dead” but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a George Clooney and Brad Pitt reunion.

The trailer for comedic caper Wolfs just dropped, promising the same snappy chemistry between the Hollywood A-listers as we saw in three Oceans movies and that very brief but memorable scene in Burn After Reading.

If you’re wondering why the movie is called Wolfs, and not the grammatically accurate Wolves, there’s a reason for that.

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Pitt and Clooney play professional fixers who have been hired to do the same job – in this case, dealing with the cover-up of a crime – but they’re not exactly on the same team. They both insist they work alone, a lone wolf if you will.

Just because they’re forced together, it doesn’t make them a pack. Hence, Wolfs and not Wolves.

The trailer promises the characters are in for a long night as they’re caught up in a plot with a dead body that’s not quite, bricks of cocaine and some trigger-happy gangsters. There will be shenanigans.

The video is also scored to Frank Sinatra’s My Way, which might be a subtle nod to Ocean’s 11, which was originally a star vehicle for the Rat Pack before Steven Soderbergh rebooted it with Clooney and Pitt. Sinatra played Danny Ocean in the 1960 version.

Wolfs was written and directed by Jon Watts, the filmmaker best known for the three Tom Holland-led Spider-Man movies. He’s a deft hand at comedy, having previously worked on Onion News Network.

The film also stars Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone, The Office), Austin Abrams (Euphoria, Do Revenge) and Poorna Jagannathan (The Night Of, Never Have I Ever).

Apple acquired the rights for its streaming platform but Wolfs will first be released in cinemas on September 19 through Sony.

Wolfs will be in cinemas on September 19.
Reunited. Credit: Sony/Apple

Pitt was most recently credited as the voice of Keith in John Krasinski’s family movie, IF. Pitt’s name in the project was a head-scratcher because Keith is an invisible character who is neither seen nor heard.

The credit appears to be a bit of an in-joke, a call back to Pitt’s cameo in Deadpool 2 (which also stars Ryan Reynolds, who is in IF) in which he is seen for a brief moment on screen when his character, an invisible hero called The Vanisher, is electrocuted.

Clooney is also a voice in IF, and he’s actually heard. Clooney had previously directed Krasinski in Leatherheads.

It’s all just one big Hollywood circle. But not quite a Rat Pack.

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