REVIEW: Colin From Accounts season two spreads the love to its cosy ensemble

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Colin From Accounts returns with its second season on May 30.
Colin From Accounts returns with its second season on May 30. Credit: Binge

One of the great surprises of the 2022 Australian TV season was Colin From Accounts.

A quippy, hilarious and surprisingly tender rom-com, the eight-episode series was an immediate hit. But not just locally. When Colin From Accounts made its way to the UK and then the US, it was instantly recognised as comedy gold.

Not that we needed more proof that comedy does travel across borders, but Colin From Accounts was part of a string of Australian series (Fisk, Heartbreak High, Deadloch) recently embraced internationally for its unapologetically local flavour.

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No one felt the need to “Americanise” the language while the specific rhythms of Australian humour remained intact.

The series is created by and stars Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer, a real-life couple who aren’t playing themselves but have translated their authentic chemistry and patter to their onscreen counterparts.

Colin From Accounts returns with its second season on May 30.
Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall also created the series. Credit: Binge

Colin From Accounts works in large part because Brammall and Dyer are so watchable in every scene together. Their dialogue and performances have the natural sing-song back-and-forth banter of two people whose energies are perfectly aligned.

It makes all the difference in a project that is anchored by two leads who have to essentially carry the show. The series is about Ash and Gordon, who meet when she flashes her breast at him while crossing the road in front of his car.

He then hits a dog and the two become tethered when the dog’s care, which they name Colin From Accounts, results in a $12,000 vet bill. Sparks fly but dating isn’t easy, especially in Sydney.

Colin From Accounts returns this week with an eight-episode second season that picks up mere weeks after the season one finale in which (spoiler alert) Ash (Dyer) and Gordon (Brammall) give Colin away to another family.

They instantly regret it and try to get him back from his new “owners” who aren’t cooperating. Gordon and Ash are confronted with what their relationship is without the dog that brought them together in the first place.

Colin From Accounts returns with its second season on May 30.
Colin From Accounts’ second season gives more love to the supporting characters. Credit: Binge

There’s also the matter of their age gap (12 years) and what it means when his Gen X sensibilities clash with her Gen Y beliefs. Apparently, according to Gordon, Gen Y-ers are obsessed with therapy.

This new batch of episodes also recognises the value of the show’s supporting cast, giving them more to do. This includes Chiara (Genevieve Hegney), Gordon’s business partner in the brewery he runs, who has started a relationship with Megan (Emma Harvie), Ash’s colleague and friend.

Ash’s mum Lyn (Helen Thomson) is back with her internet-obsessed partner Lee (a disarming performance from Darren Gilshenan), while Gordon’s mate Brett (Michael Logo) is finally being kicked out of home by his parents.

This season features guest stars Virginia Gay, Celeste Barber, John Howard and Justin Rosniak as Gordon’s pot-stirring brother who is definitely not going to Las Vegas for “a conference”.

Sharing the love with the rest of the cosy ensemble doesn’t take anything away from Dyer and Brammall, it makes Colin From Accounts even more radiant.

Rating: 4/5

Colin From Accounts is on Binge from May 30

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