Customers go wild for Kmart’s Air Styler after claims it’s as good as Dyson’s Airwrap

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TikToker Lana Kamp was overjoyed when she eventually found one after visiting multiple stores.
TikToker Lana Kamp was overjoyed when she eventually found one after visiting multiple stores. Credit: TikTok

A shockingly good Kmart dupe has sold out within a week after shoppers cleared out stock across the country.

Some of those lucky enough to get their hands on the low-cost department store’s Air Styler claim it is as good as Dyson’s cult Air Wrap — which sells for ten times the price.

Kmart’s version costs $59. Dyson’s retails for around $679.

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Released in 2018, Dyson’s Airwrap set a new benchmark for hair styling. It doesn’t use high direct heat to style hair, instead, it relies on something called the Coanda effect, which is an aerodynamic phenomenon that curves air to curl and shape hair.

Kmart’s Air Styler similarly promises “salon worthy hair at home” but at just a fraction of the price.

But it has become a victim of its own success with Kmart stores struggling to keep up with demand.

The device is sold out online.
The device is sold out online. Credit: Kmart

In her review, TikToker Brit Lea said shoppers should “run don’t walk” to get their hands on one of the Air Stylers, it was that good.

“I got it, I used it 10 out of 10,” she said.

She later posted an update saying the Air Wraps were now sold out.

Another TikToker, Lana Kamp, said she had searched multiple stores to get her hands on one, eventually striking gold at Target where she had to pay $10 more.

“Lucky me, look what I found. so I got the Air Styler and I’m going to test it out. I am so happy I found this, I was literally jumping for joy through the shops.”


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