How to get free fries and coke from McDonald’s by using 15-word advertising chant

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The campaign is part of a push by Macca’s to relaunch the Big Mac range.
The campaign is part of a push by Macca’s to relaunch the Big Mac range. Credit: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

McDonald’s is giving away free fries and Coke to its Aussie customers over the next three weeks if they are able to recite a very specific 15-word passage.

The giveaway, which is part of the fast food giant’s Bic Mac relaunch, harks back to the advertising campaign originally launched in the 1970s that required customers to recite the slogan at the counter to get free food.

Marketing director Samantha McLeod said the Big Mac Chant Challenge was “back with a bang”.

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Customers have to say the words “two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun” — the ingredients in a Big Mac burger — within four seconds.

If they do that, they earn a free small Coke and fries to go with the purchase of one of the burgers in the Big Mac range.

As part of the campaign, the fast food chain will release a bite-sized Junior Mac as well as a large Grande Mac.

“It’s harder to say than it is to eat, but the faster you say it, the faster you win, so the only question is: Can you say the Big Mac chant in four seconds?,” Ms McLeod said.

The challenge starts today and runs until May 7.

Big Mac released. Picture Supplied
Are you ready for the Big Mac Chant Challenge? Credit: McDonald’s


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