The Polly Waffle is back! 15 years after it was pulled from Australian supermarkets

Georgina Noack
The Nightly
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The famous 'Polly Waffle' is returning to shelves this week after 15 years in the wilderness.

Sweet tooths rejoice! More than a decade after it disappeared from supermarket shelves, the beloved Polly Waffle is making a comeback but not as you remember it.

The iconic chocolate, wafer and marshmallow treat will return to supermarkets across Australia, 15 years after it was discontinued by Nestle due to poor sales.

Chocoholics can thank South Australian confectionery manufacturer Menz, which is behind the equally iconic FruChocs sweets, for the revival after it bought the Polly Waffle brand 2019 and announced its plans to bring the treat back.

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But those plans were almost immediately put on hold when the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns caused widespread delays, including a delay to a $1 million cash injection from the federal government’s $50 million Manufacturing Modernisation Fund.

In February, Menz revealed the new and improved Polly Waffle Bites, which would hit Australian shelves “in late April”.

Chief executive officer Phil Sims thanked customers for their support and patience as they had to “start from scratch” to reproduce the iconic Polly Waffle flavours.

“As we discovered, to recreate the original bar would require even more time and cost, without the guarantee that it would have the same quality that consumers remember. As much as we have tried, we were unable to recreate the bar,” Mr Sims said.

“It was so important to us that we didn’t put a subpar product in the market, especially one as much loved as Polly Waffle.”

He said the Polly Waffle Bites were “the most responsible way to make bringing back the iconic brand a reality”.

Polly Waffle Bites will be available from retailers such as Drakes SA, Coles, Woolworths and other independent supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations from April 12.

Each 125g bag will have a recommended retail price of $5.50.

Although the Bites are not available until Friday, Australian food blogger Russell Stuart was sent the very first packet of the new and improved treat to sample for his TikTok followers.

He said although he had forgotten what the Polly Waffle tastes like he was “surprised” by the flavour and texture of the new Bites — likening it to an “intense vanilla” mixed with KitKat.

Mr Sims said the company was “thrilled” they had brought the nostalgic treat back with a “modern, bite-sized twist”.

“We can’t wait to see people enjoy the Bites as they make their way to stores across the country in the days and weeks ahead.”


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