Wine Chats: Billi and Lyndsey on the glory of dates with your bestie

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Billi and Lyndsey are two offensively funny besties who love drinking wine and chatting about life. Join them as they share their views on a range of topics and keep it real while sipping on their fave wines.

What’s the best thing about going on a date with your bestie? Let’s find out over a glass of wine, shall we.

Click on the video on the video player above to watch the first exclusive episode of Wine Chats on The Nightly.

Crushing on The Hidden Sea Wine

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Lyndsey: We actually have wine crushes on The Hidden Sea. They make amazing wine, like literally all their wines are delicious. We’re not just saying that, but they actually save the planet. So every bottle of wine that you buy, they will remove an equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from the ocean. And recycle it.

Billi: And I think there are up to over 26 million plastic bottles. They get in there, they get in the gunk and they pull all those bottles out. So they’re doing the work.

Lyndsey: Cheers.

Billi: Cheers!

Lyndsey: I forgot to say we’re drinking a red blend. It’s a blend of red grapes. Delicious. It’s delicious.

Fancy Dates With Fancy Friends

Billi: Now, my fancy friend, where are you going to take me on our next girl date?

Lyndsey: Yes, Bill. Girl dates like Galentines. Can we just touch base quickly on how popular that’s becoming? Which is why we’re doing this topic. It’s not just about the lovers. It’s about who you want to spend time with and nurture whatever love you have for your friends.

Billi: Exactly. I think it’s very important to have those times together. Where we just chill and hang and do easy, fun stuff. So I just want to know where you are going to take me next because Lyndsey has to organize these things.

Lyndsey: I do or else you never do. I have been dying to go to a Soak House. They’re all the rage lately. You know, you go to the mineral baths and ice baths and you have champagne and you have nibbles and like massages, just like real girly.

Billi: Do we get to get naked together?

Lyndsey: I mean we do when we get changed and I will be far, far away from your creeping eyes.

Billi: Don’t be like that, Linny.

Lyndsey: Yes, I will awkwardly get naked in front of you really quickly. So that’s the next one. It’s literally on our to do list to pick a date.

Billi: We do long lunches as well and I love long lunches with Lyndsey because she always takes me to these fancy places. But my probably favorite place that I’ve taken Lyndsey on a date to has been.... painting!

Lyndsey: Oh my god, don’t do it.

Billi: You know those evenings, I think it’s like Pinot & Picasso, so you drink wine and you paint a thing that they teach you how to do?

Lyndsey: It’s not my jam.

Billi: She gets so annoyed, I don’t even know, I can’t even describe the feeling.

Lyndsey: Look, if we were a real couple, I’d break up with you if that’s what you actually like to do.

The Nightly - Wine Chats podcast - Lyndley and Billi. They are mums in Brisbane who love wine. They talk about all kinds of topics while they review wine.
Lyndsey and Billi from Wine Chats. Credit: Glenn Hunt/The West Australian

And the Best Thing About Dates With Your Bestie?

Lyndsey: Girl date are the best.

Billi: Yes... but why?

Lyndsey: Oh, well, the girl dates are sexless dates. There’s no pressure at the end.

Billi: Yes! There is none of that when you’re with your friend. So when I drop you off, I don’t have to wait for the whole, like, will she kiss me, won’t she kiss me?

That’s a (Mud) Wrap

Naturally as besties, we’ve been to a bunch of wineries and weekends away, but you won’t catch us at breweries any time soon, Lyndsey is a tad too fancy for that. Mud wrap spa days are always welcome as are winter stays where we feed carrots to horses and drink hot chocolate.

But most importantly, you’re reading this on The Nightly, which is the best date of all time - the date with you!

Catch us again next week on The Nightly and in the meantime... chat soon! xx

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