WINE CHATS: The most fashionable decade EVER

Billi Milovanovic and Lyndsey Kirkwood
The Nightly
This week on the Wine Chats couch, Billi and Lyndsey both rocked up in double denim to celebrate the best decade of women’s fashion EVER! With oversized clothing and comfy footwear to match, join them as they chat about how fashion has changed.

Is this not the best decade for women’s fashion?

Welcome to this week’s The Nightly edition of Wine Chats Podcast, where we both rocked up in double denim to celebrate the best decade of women’s fashion EVER! With oversized clothing and comfy footwear to match, this week we’re opening up a delicious bottle of The Hidden Sea Shiraz and chatting about how fashion has changed over the years.

Move over Justin Timberlake!

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Lyndsey: We’re going to talk about fashion today. We’re fashionistas.

Billi: Cheers to double denim. I love that we’re both in denim today. I’m loving today’s fashion. I’m loving what’s happening out there. I love seeing all these women wearing whatever they want, we all look so cute these days.

Lyndsey: Ooh... I mean... Yes.

Billi: I love it, I love the oversized clothes. Like, I’m wearing double denim. My husband this morning, as I was leaving the house, was like good one, Justin Timberlake. In that scenario, I’m not even Brittany. We all remember the double denim, right?

Lyndsey: Totally. We were saying when we were super young, back in my day, double denim, you would have been mortified, right? It was an absolute no-go. Do not do double denim.

Billi: My whole life you were not able to do double denim. But I’ve pretty much learned everything about fashion through Lyndsey. Because when we met each other at work, she would take me regularly to the shops…

Lyndsey: And you would hate every second of it.

Billi: I hated every second. I still hate shopping. But I still learned from that. That’s when I started showing up to work wearing the exact same stuff as Lyndsey.

Lyndsey: You’re still doing it and it’s still happening. Like that jacket — shacket — you’re wearing is because I bought it and you fell in love and you immediately went out and bought the same one.

Billi: As soon as I saw your jacket, I was like, I must have this in my life.

Lyndsey: My favourite fashion change that has been ongoing probably for a good three, four years now…

Billi: I know exactly what you’re going to say.

Lyndsey: The high-waisted jeans. Godsend for people like me who have always had an issue with their gut role, their front bum, whatever you want to call it.

Billi: The front gut thing has been a thing for Lyndsey her whole life.

Lyndsey: When those horrible low-rise jeans were around where you could see your thong on… I don’t even know why I wore them because I’d have something long or big slouchy over the top of it because my gut roll is like blurp. And it’s not about body shaming, I personally just didn’t feel comfortable with them on me. So the high-waisted jeans to keep everything all snug as a bug up in there? Love.

Billi: But I love high-rise jeans as well because low-rise jeans really were for only a particular body type. Not many people looked good in them. I remember wearing them as well as the crop tops and then my whole belly was always so cold. I just always remember being cold.

Lyndsey: That’s because your kidneys are showing, your kidneys are out there.

Billi: And it always used to dig in all the wrong places. And now I tuck my t-shirt in so my belly is well protected. Double-layered, babe.

Lyndsey: Your love muffins are tucked in. Everything’s smooth and comfy.

Billi: I haven’t seen a love muffin in years.

Lyndsey: But it’s not over. It’s back, the low rise. But the good thing is the high rise is still there as well. So you can do whatever suits you and whatever you like.

Sneakers for the win!

Lyndsey: This was the other thing we’re talking about, sneakers are a huge thing.

Billi: I get so excited about this because I was never much of a heel wearer. I don’t know what episode we talked about it on, but if you missed that part, Lyndsey used to be one of those people who would go from home, walk to the bus stop, be on the bus, get off the bus, get to work, all in her high heels. I was the kind of gal who left my high heels at work and would flip-flop my way to work.

Lyndsey: I can’t. Those people drive me insane. I’m sorry, but you do.

Billi: I know, but high heels were the thing to wear. You couldn’t possibly wear flats. And now I couldn’t think of anything worse than wearing high heels. I’ve actually sworn off wearing high heels for the rest of my life.

Lyndsey: Really?

Billi: What for? For who? Look, I’m going to do it again. When we start world tours and people invite us onto the stage, I’m not going to walk in my flip-flops.

Lyndsey: The thing is, cool sneakers are in now, even running shoe sneakers, the New Balance sneakers, you can wear with this little denim dress. But back in the day, if you did that, oh, you would be so hardcore made fun of.

Billi: Oh, totally. My husband used to make fun of me all the time because I’m Yugoslav. So he would be like, Oh, nice sneakers. You know, those Europeans who tuck themselves in real hard and then wear their running shoes?

Lyndsey: Well, now you’re so in fashion.

Billi: Maybe I’ve been the one who’s been in fashion all this time. And now everybody else is catching up to me.

Lyndsey: I think I can see Billi on the cover of Vogue Australia.

Wear comfy shoes but not that comfy

We wrappity wrap by making fun of Lyndsey’s footwear choice for this fashionable episode, knock-off Uggs from Aldi that are so old, they have a hole in them. Her toe must always be so cold, don’t you think?

Thank you so much for joining us for another fun episode of Wine Chats Podcast. Catch us again next Friday, here at our fashionable and comfy home at The Nightly. Chat soon!


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