Wine Chats: Why your partner should track your period

Billi Milovanovic & Lyndsey Kirkwood
The Nightly
Does your partner track your period? For everyone's’ sake, maybe they should.

Bad cycles and no excuses

Lyndsey: So I just finished a really bad cycle and Cameron’s world would have been so much better if he was like, oh, okay, so we’re coming up to it. Because the thing is, I’m not making excuses because it’s really, really hard to go through our emotions, we don’t have control over our hormones. I know a lot of you lovely partners would think, “stop being such a cow”, but we don’t have a switch in our brain to stop being a cow. It’s really hard to control.

Billi: I wish I had that switch because a lot of the times when you are feeling that way, there’s something in your head that’s like, are you okay? Like, your mouth is screaming and your body is reacting in this way, but inside your head, one of my personalities is like, okay, we need to just take a step back. But I’m incapable because something just takes over.

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Lyndsey: Because your other personality is like “F that, I want to rage.” But if your partner follows your cycle, they can help you through it. Like, sympathize with us.

Billi: Or when they ask if I’m PMS-ing, but I am PMS-ing, good Lord. Instead of making fun of us, wouldn’t you be like, oh babe, are you PMSing? Can I get you something? Can I help a sister out? Like, is there anything I can take off your plate?

When can we have sex?

Billi: Now, my husband’s been keeping track a bit so he could be a little bit more in tune with what’s happening with me month in month out. Obviously he’s also doing it cause he needs to know when he’s allowed to approach me for sex.

Lyndsey: When am I going to get some, right?

Billi: He probably started out that way, but then he started noticing way more than me. I’m a little bit annoyed that this morning he didn’t warn me that I’m in that period of my cycle where I’m starting to get PMS-y.

Keep it together, ladies

Lyndsey: So you expect him now to…

Billi: I expected him to at least give me a heads up, like, baby, you’re kind of entering that psycho phase. Because yesterday I was a perfectly normal person. And this morning I just woke up, and I just feel angry.

Lyndsey: The rage. It’s the rage.

Billi: It takes a lot of energy to keep it together.

Lyndsey: Can I just point out - this is the knowledge part, because maybe you don’t know, maybe somebody out there listening does not know. So like you have PMS, which is the premenstrual symptoms, and then you have the week of your actual period. Then you have multiple days where you’re ovulating and you get symptoms of menstrual pain. So we have like maybe a week, week and a half that’s good that we’re safe.

What have we learnt?

Gentlemen, now that we’ve exposed how crazy women feel inside week in week out, we hope that what you can take away from this episode is that you should help your women by keeping track, showing kindness and maybe taking some things off our plates, if only to reduce the level of hate that may be spewing your way. We can all benefit from having more understanding of a woman’s cycle.

Let us know of your best “keep your woman calm” hacks in the comments below and make sure you join us again on The Nightly next Friday. Until then, cheers & chocolate (because every PMS-ing woman deserves chocolate!).

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