Security camera captures ‘spine-tingling’ moment a mum stops a python attack in Queensland backyard

Georgina Noack
The Nightly
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A Queensland family got the fright of their life when they found a carpet python attached to their pet cat.
A Queensland family got the fright of their life when they found a carpet python attached to their pet cat. Credit: Facebook.

A Queensland family got the fright of their lives when a carpet python tried to make a meal out of their pet cat, in a “spine-tingling” incident that was captured on camera.

Sunshine Coast snake catcher Stuart McKenzie shared the chaotic footage of a Buderim mum’s attempt to rescue the cat from the snake describing it as a scene that “will send shivers down your spine”.

In the clips, filmed from a security camera, the dark-haired woman can be seen approaching the cat and reaching for it while the snake was attached to its hindquarters.

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Barefoot and in her activewear she claps her hands, presumably at the snake hooked on her pet, but instead of spooking the python, she spooks the cat which darts away and makes a run for the open back door into the house with the snake still attached to its back legs.

A young girl can be heard screaming off-camera in the house as the cat (and snake) make it inside, and the mum rushes into the fray off-camera.

Mr McKenzie says the footage is “one of the most insane videos” he’s ever seen.

He applauded the Buderim mum for saving their cat and for calling his Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers team to relocate the python.

“Thankfully they were able to get the snake off the cat,” he said, adding that the pet took some “time out” after the incident.

He said they found the snake “curled up behind their barbeque”.

“Obviously, it’s a tough situation if a pet is ever grabbed by a carpet python, but [the family] did the right thing,” he added.

“They were able to get the snake safely off the cat, essentially get the coils off the cat and the snake ended up trying to sleep it off.”

Mr McKenzie shared the video on his business’s Facebook page, and it quickly earned thousands of views and shocked comments.

He also filmed him releasing the carpet python into bushland and begging the reptile: “No more grabbing pets, please.”


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