Baby Reindeer: Real-life ‘Martha’ Fiona Harvey breaks silence in Piers Morgan interview, says she’s innocent

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Piers Morgan with Fiona Harvey, the "real" Baby Reindeer.
Piers Morgan with Fiona Harvey, the "real" Baby Reindeer. Credit: X

The woman claiming to be the real-life Martha from the hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer has broken her silence, claiming she is not a stalker and she didn’t know Richard Gadd was “a complete psychopath who was going to attack” her.

Baby Reindeer, written by and starring Gadd, is based on his real-life experience of being stalked and sexually assaulted in his 20s.

The series captured the interest of viewers worldwide, quickly becoming one of the most successful series on the streaming platform.

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In her first-ever television interview, the woman claiming to be the real-life Martha, Fiona Harvey, spoke to the veteran broadcaster Piers Morgan, denying stalking or assaulting Gadd and claiming he was “psychotic”.

Ms Harvey first denied ever being given free drinks at the Hawley Arms pub in where Gadd worked in Camden, London, but accepted that she did have a baby reindeer toy that she once likened Gadd to as a joke.

Morgan put to Ms Harvey the simple claim of Gadd that he was sent 41,000 emails, 350 voice messages, 744 tweets, 48 Facebook messages and 106 letters, something Gadd says he has a record of.

“That’s simply not true,” Ms Harvey said.

“I don’t think I sent him anything.”

However over the next near-hour sit-down interview, Ms Harvey’s claims of not having “sent him anything” continued to unravel with the admission of sending him some emails, accepting that she had tweeted him on occasion but stayed steadfast in not having sent him voice messages.

Morgan read one of the tweets from Ms Harvey’s X profile which said “My curtains need hung badly.”

“We were trying to encourage him with this first show or something like that, a long time ago,” Ms Harvey replied dismissing the post.

Morgan continued reading from historic tweets, including one that said: “Please go and see Richard Gadd’s show. It’s well-written and neurotic. The filmed bum shots are the best. Fantastic ass.”

“It was a joke,” Ms Harvey fired back.

Morgan went on to grill Ms Harvey over the voice messages, something Gadd claims he has kept, with Ms Harvey adamantly denying the claim, suggesting Gadd taped her without her knowledge.

“He was maybe taping me in the Hawley Arms (pub). I don’t know if he’s got any voicemails.”

Morgan asked if it was possible Gadd had 350 voice messages from Ms Harvey, a question that invoked a bizarre answer, confusing the broadcaster.

“I doubt that very much. I just don’t think so.” Ms Harvey said.

“You doubt it,” Morgan questioned, asking how Gadd might have the voice messages on his phone.

“It doesn’t matter whether they’re on a phone, tablet whatever they’re on. I’ve not contacted him,” Ms Harvey clarified.

“He’s crazy. He wants to make this up. I mean I’ve not phoned the guy. I don’t have his number.”

Morgan pointed out that claims of 41,000 emails and 350 voice messages would easily be proven.

“Even if that were true, I didn’t lunge at him across a bar, I didn’t sexually assault him in a canal, I didn’t go to jail,” Ms Harvey said.

Ms Harvey went on to say Gadd must have forged 105 letters from her as she sent only one, saying if she sues she will bring in a handwriting expert.

Ms Harvey confessed she once had six different email addresses.

“I like to keep people on different phones and different emails, it’s easier,” she said.

“You have some for your utilities, some for close friends.”

Ms Harvey denied ever loving Gadd but claimed he once asked her to sleep with him.

“I gave him the brush-off. He asked me to sleep with him with a big green spot on his face one day. I said ‘sorry, I’m not interested’,” Ms Harvey said.

Ms Harvey said Gadd was making money off her misery and she wanted him to leave her alone.

After the exclusive interview, Ms Harvey took to social media to vent her frustration at Morgan and appeared unhappy with the opportunity to share her side of the story.

“Piers is a twerp. But we know this,” she wrote.

“You will see in my interview I’ll let the (interview) speak for itself.

“Piers is a bully, we all know that. He triggers emotions. But this interview will get more views.”


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