MATTHEW RICHARDSON’S TOP 10: Chris Fagan’s coaching position at Brisbane is in doubt for 2025

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The Carlton coach called in with a hilarious gag.

1. There is speculation lately around Brisbane and their coach Chris Fagan.

Will he coach them in 2025?

The Lions have had a poor start to the year but surely Fages keeps coaching if he wants.

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We know he can coach and it’s always a risk to replace a proven leader.

Are we a bit ageist as an AFL industry around our coaches? Fages is only 62, the next oldest are Ken Hinkley and Ross Lyon, who are 57.

There are five NFL coaches in the USA aged in their 60s. Don’t say it’s about relating to a younger generation either.

In US men’s college basketball there are five in their 70s. It’s hard to find a good coach.

2. Talking of ageism, and I know I sound like an old fart here, but why do all our stadium public address systems need to be dialled up 20 before games and at half-time.

You can hardly hear yourself think. Let’s meet halfway so the people who want to chill and chat can still do it while the youngsters can enjoy the fan engagement.

3. We built our AFL draft system and equalisation around the American professional sport models.

Most AFL premiership sides are now built around nailing your top picks and building a list around those stars.

The NBA finals start Friday and the favourites are Boston. No surprise their two best players, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, were taken at pick three in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Those choices could come to fruition with an NBA championship.

4. Unsung Hero.

You have to love what Alex Cincotta brings to Carlton. He is the ultimate team first player - hard and disciplined. He can lock on to an opposition small forward or, like last Thursday night, a gun mid such as Port’s Zak Butters. Michael Voss would love him.

5. Jack Ginnivan said after the Hawks’ shattering one-point loss to Port Adelaide a few weeks ago that “the Hawks are coming”.

They certainly are. I have them in the finals in 2025 and they are still a sneaky chance in 2024.

6. Leadership.

At the start of last quarter at Marvel Stadium on Friday night the Dogs were 12 points down against a depleted Pies team and sitting two games out of the eight on the live ladder. Enter Marcus Bontempelli and 14 touches, five clearances and a goal later the Dogs are singing Sons of the West. He put the team on his back and is the best Bulldog of all time.

7. Talking of leadership.

Listen to Sam Mitchell’s post-game press conference after the win over the Adelaide last Saturday. Let’s end racism.

8. It’s real shame Harley Reid and Sam Darcy can’t win the Rising Star award after being suspended.

It was a two-horse race and Reid wasn’t a certainty in my books. Surely both should still be eligible. One was a slightly late spoil and the other an aggressive tackle. Neither of these should rule them out of winning the award. They were footy actions gone wrong, not malicious acts.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 31: Sam Darcy of the Bulldogs celebrates kicking a goal during the round 12 AFL match between Collingwood Magpies and Western Bulldogs at Marvel Stadium, on May 31, 2024, in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)
Sam Darcy can’t win the Rising Star Award after he was suspended. Credit: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

9. I am gutted for Richmond’s Mykelti Lefau.

The New Zealander had been the one positive story during the Tigers’ injury crisis. He is a great footy story. That’s the fifth ACL at the Tigers this year. Hard to believe.

10. A friend told me I was too old to wear Converse Chuck Taylors.

They are timeless and I will never stop wearing them. Am I kidding myself or was my mate right?

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