Wine Chats: Can yummy mummies mix wine and gummies? Let’s find out

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Gummy mummies. It’s the latest craze sweeping the #mumlife crowd. So what exactly are these magical gummies? And how do you get your hands on some? Let’s open up a Hidden Sea Rosé and get chatting!

Have you heard of the legend of the gummy mummies? It’s the latest craze sweeping the #mumlife crowd, bringing calmness and giggles to playdates. But what exactly are these magical gummies and how do you get your hands on some? Let’s open up a Hidden Sea Rosé and get chatting!

Valium and wine and gummies, oh my!

Lyndsey: Because I’m much older than you, Billi, I think back to my mum’s day. It was all the rage for the crazy-ass mums that are hectic and tired, to pop Valium to get through their day.

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Billi: Valium just seems like it would slow you right down. I don’t know if I could get through my day with Valium.

Lyndsey: And then we’ve moved on to wine. You know, a lot of mums will crack open a bottle of wine. But now It’s gummy mummies. Like, marijuana.

Billi: Yes, the little THC gummies.

Lyndsey: Now, I’m not a big drug person, but THC, I think that’s the element that makes you high. So these gummies that you get prescribed from the doctor, don’t have the high element in them. They’re just the CBD.

Billi: Oh, well, then what’s the point? Seriously? Why are we all here? What are we doing here?

Lyndsey: Yeah, you go to the doctor. You’re like, oh my god, my life’s so hard I can’t sleep at night and the doctor’s like here, have some prescribed marijuana gummies. And then you share them with all your mum friends, cause that’s what best friends do.

It’s a gummy kind of world

Billi: I didn’t realize that gummies were so prevalent. I had massive anxiety and I went through the whole system. So I actually got the CBD oil prescribed, and they give you like a little list of things that’s available, but I don’t ever remember seeing gummies cause I reckon I would have stocked up on gummies.

Lyndsey: Well, Cameron in bed last night, he was huffing and puffing and sighing away. And I’m like, dude, I’m trying to fall asleep. And he’s like, I can’t fall asleep, I’m thinking about work. And because I had done some research, I told him he should be a gummy mummy. Have a gummy and shut up.

Billi: Can I tell you, you don’t even have to go to the doctor these days. You can do it all online.

Lyndsey: But it’s illegal.

Billi: No, it’s not. It’s all through online doctors.

Some lines are not meant to be crossed

Billi: Coming back to the yummy gummy mummies. If it’s only the CBD that they’re saying that is in these gummies, that’s cool. I’ll share that around at an afternoon play date. No dramas. Cause that doesn’t actually affect you. But tell me no one’s actually giving each other like THC gummies while they’re on play dates?

Lyndsey: Well, this is why I’m second guessing the THC thing. What some of the mums are saying in this report I read was that it’s a great alternative to wine. You can still be a responsible parent, you’ll giggle and be calm and whatever, but you’re not being affected.

Billi: Because I would not be giving that out to my friends and then be like, okay, see ya, put your kids in the car and off you go.

Lyndsey: Absolutely not. My God. I would be quite annoyed if I found out one of my children was having a sleepover and the parents were doing something like that. Because, what if they’re both not fully there and my daughter breaks her arm. You know what I mean? You still need to be a functioning person.

You may call us Gummy Chats from now on…

Now that we’ve decided to become gummy mummies, Billi will be much calmer and perhaps Lyndsey will become a true Canadian, you know… nice! In the meantime, thanks for tuning in for another great week here on The Nightly and until next Friday, chat soon!


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