WINE CHATS: Here are the best ways to #selfcare

Billi Milovanovic and Lyndsey Kirkwood 
The Nightly
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Are you loving the latest #selfcare trend? Join Billi and Lyndsey on the couch this week as they dig into all the ways they love to care for themselves, starting with cracking open a bottle of wine…

Are you loving the latest #selfcare trend as much as we are?

This week on The Nightly edition of Wine Chats, after gracefully seating ourselves on the couch, we decided that the best self-care of all was really just cracking open a lovely bottle of The Hidden Sea Rosé. Then, we dig into all the best ways we love to care for ourselves, starting with doing something beautiful…

Sydney for a day

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Billi: I just went to Sydney, yesterday and that to me was like the epitome of self-care. It was one of those magical days where the stars just aligned so that when my husband was going to work in Sydney, he was like, do you want to come with me? And I was like, yes, I do. So my idea of self-care is being left alone totally and just doing whatever I want to do, which was going to the shops and then I went to the Sydney Opera House.

Lyndsey: Why are we talking so quietly all of a sudden?

Billi: Because this is a self-care episode, Lyndsey, you don’t want to yell at people. Anyway, I walked to the Opera House and do you know what? I stood there and I cried a little because it was so beautiful. I think a big part of self-care is like going to beautiful places and just like being, you know what I mean? Like actually just doing something beautiful for yourself. Beautiful, but just having my time.

Lyndey: So besides whisking yourself away for two days, which is not the norm, do you have other self-care?

Billi: Yes. I lie in my bed and I just stay in there all day and I watch movies and I watch TV. That is like the epitome of self-care to me as well. Because that’s what I did for the rest of my afternoon. First I sat at the pool a little bit. I had myself a beer, not a wine, of course, by the pool. And then I went upstairs to the room at like four o’clock. And so from like four till Henry got home at 10, I was just in bed watching movies. Henry’s self-care is going fishing, I’m like, leave me alone. Let me eat snacks and just let me lie in bed, by myself.

Lyndsey: With your dirty sheets, crumbs, and chocolate.

Billi: You just vacuum them up with your mouth.

All about the face

Lyndsey: My self-care, I have a whole list.

Billi: Oh, of course you do.

Lyndsey: My self-care lately has been all about my face.

Billi: That’s why you look so good lately.

Lyndsey: She’s so full of shit. No, because you hit a certain age and it’s not that I worry about my age, but like it just becomes more of a thing. And nowadays, skincare products and regimes are coming out of everyone’s, you know what, right? So I have so many serums. I couldn’t even tell you. I bought all this gimmicky stuff that’s probably not going to work. But I got a double chin minimizer.

Billi: Not one of those strap things that you put around your face?

Lyndsey: No. Yes. But not around the top of my head, you hook it to your ears. Be gone, double chin! Soon, you guys will not be seeing this pretty little thing. I wear it twice a week, five to ten minutes. I’m just obsessed, and I’m such a sucker for anything skincare right now.

Billi: You’re adorable. I go through those phases. I bought myself a face steamer so I could open up my pores.

Lyndsey: And then we bought those pore suckers from Kmart. They’re amazing. What about the shaving of your face as well? I’ve jumped on this bandwagon.

Billi: So when I’m lying around watching movies, you’re like shaving your face, opening your pores, sucking things out of your face, putting your chin thing on. Do you rest, and relax? Like what?

Lyndsey: Yeah, the other day my son was homesick, it was a home self-care day. I literally did all of these things. I have a really bad neck, so I bought this new neck massager thing and I have the silicone patches as well, that you put all over your body. So I had those on my double chin and I came out of the bathroom and my son, he’s 10, He’s like, what? Well, actually he goes, brah. He’s like, what is on your face? But I swear I look at least two months younger.

Billi: No, you definitely do. Time has stood still for you this year.

Take a deep breath, and then take another

So aside from being lazy and wanting no responsibility for life, dishes, laundry or dinner, the only other real self-care advice we give is to breathe deep - and then deeper still. Because we bet you haven’t breathed deep a lot today and if anything is self-care, it’s taking care of your nervous system. So take a deep breath, put on your double chin strap and relax into your weekend full of #selfcare.

Thank you for joining us for this spectacular episode of Wine Chats on The Nightly and catch us again next week, same time, same place.

See you then!

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