Thousands of SA motorists save millions at the bowser with fuel monitoring apps

Hayley Taylor
South Australians are saving an average of $315 annually on fuel by shopping around for the cheapest prices.
South Australians are saving an average of $315 annually on fuel by shopping around for the cheapest prices. Credit: Getty

Fuel prices are soaring due to global inflationary pressures in Ukraine and Middle East— but in South Australia, fuel monitoring apps are helping motorists get bang for their buck at the bowser.

The average motorist is now saving $315 annually by using a fuel monitoring app to shop around, but almost half (47 per cent) of the state’s motorists are still not using one, the RAA’s latest fuel survey revealed.

Fuel monitoring apps in the state include Petrol Spy, Motor Mouth, the RAA app, SA Bowser: Should I Fuel?, Fuel Price Australia, ServoTrack and Pumped.

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The 65,000 SA drivers using the RAA app alone collectively saved about $20 million each year, the Malinauskas Government said on Wednesday.

Even though the average price of unleaded petrol in Adelaide so far in 2024 is 192c per litre — up from 149c per litre in 2021 — about 74 per cent of those who completed RAA’s latest fuel survey reported purchasing more petrol than before.

“They now spend more than $100 per month on fuel, compared to 36 per cent in 2021 — demonstrating how important the live fuel pricing is to help people find the cheapest option,” the government said.

“Under the fuel pricing information scheme, fuel retailers are required to report their prices to a central database within 30 minutes of changing the price at the pump.”

And the government is cracking down on non-compliance from service stations, which face penalties of $649 and fines in court up to $10,000 “especially if they have ignored previous warnings,” the government said.

There have already been more than 2800 inspections conducted by Consumer and Business Services, with 1921 complaints investigated, 356 warnings issued, and 58 expiation notices issued totalling over $31,900 in fines and levies since the scheme began.

“Live fuel pricing has been a game changer for South Australians,” SA minister for Consumer and Business Affairs Andrea Michaels said.

“As they say, information is power — and we want to empower motorists so they can save money at the bowser,” RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace said.

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