WINE CHATS: Have you heard of the ‘everything’ shower? Perhaps you do it regularly?

Billi Milovanovic and Lyndsey kirkwood
The Nightly
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Have you heard of the ‘everything’ shower? Perhaps you do it regularly? This week on the couch, join Billi and Lyndsey as they open a passionfruit-y wine and intrigue you with their showering habits.

Have you heard of the ‘everything’ shower? Perhaps you do it regularly?

Welcome to The Nightly edition of Wine Chats Podcast, where you’ll be relieved to see that Billi made it to the couch without injuries and that Lyndsey comes armed with a topic so incredible, so intriguing… Well, let us open up a bottle of Little Ripples passionfruit-y Sav Blanc and see what this evening’s fascinating topic will bring us as we splash into our showering habits.

Shower in the morning or evening?

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Lyndsey: So I said to Billi the other week, oh my god, an everything shower. And you had no idea what I was talking about.

Billi: I’m just curious before we start, do you (yes, you, reading and watching) know what she’s talking about? Have a little think, have a little guess.

Lyndsey: When I tell you, you’re going to be very disappointed because I’m sure you have in your mind these crazy, wonderful thoughts going on.

Billi: Well, yeah.

Lyndsey: So you have your normal everyday shower where you just have your quick little shower.

Billi: Yes. The ones that I do in the evening, not only in the morning because that’s weird.

Lyndsey: That is for a different topic, different day, because we will fight on this couch because I hate when you bring it up.

Billi: I mean, you (yep, that’s you again), have a think, what’s better, showering in the morning or showering at night. Because obviously showering at night is the way to go cause you wash the day off yourself.

Lyndsey: Oh my God, I’m going to punch you in the face.

The mystery of the ‘everything’ shower revealed

Lyndsey: So an everything shower. No, back to the everyday shower. You go in and you just do your quick little, like whatever you have to do to get on with your day or your night. But then everything shower - do you ever have those showers where you go and you’re like, okay, I’m going to be doing everything. I’m going to be putting a hair mask in. I’m going to be scrubbing my face. I’m going to be shaving my toes. I’m going to shave my butt. I don’t know. Like everything. You exfoliate and you’re in there for like 38 minutes.

Billi: Yes.

Lyndsey: That’s an everything shower.

Billi: Well, that makes sense. I thought you were going to tell me there’s going to be some bells and whistles, but you’re so right. I do love those. Everything showers. I don’t do them very often because it takes so long, it takes forever. But I like to put oil in my hair for the day, because I have this delicious curly hair that’s really annoying to look after. So I will put in my disgusting oil and then I look like a grease monkey for the whole day. And I think for me, the biggest part of the everything shower is just literally shaving my legs. Cause I never do.

Lyndsey: She never does. But I love those ones where once you get out, you’re like, I feel great. Everything is squeaky clean, hairless.


Billi: Can you tell me what’s on your list? Tell me. So just in case I’m missing something, I could very well be missing something in my every shower.

Lyndsey: So like your hair, you do like your hair mask or whatever. You do a good exfoliation on your face, right? You exfoliate with your poof?

Billi: I don’t exfoliate my whole body enough. But do you use a poof in the shower once in a while though? What do you mean a poof? Like, a normal poof?

Lyndsey: Yeah. Poof. Well, how else do I wash myself? Oh, do you poof every day?

Billi: Yes! Wait, what?!

Lyndsey: Do you poof every day??

Billi: Are you saying like the poof, like the normal…

Lyndsey: Like the thing that you put the body wash on?

Billi: Do you not do that?

Lyndsey: No, I just normally use soap.

Billi: Well, you shower in the morning, so God knows what happens to you. I’m surprised you don’t smell more to be honest. What do you mean you just use soap? Do you just put it on your hand?

Lyndsey: Yeah, I just use the bar of soap and then I like to shave my legs as soon as I soap up, cause I shave my legs every day. I just zip, zip over the soap.

Billi: You use soap? Like normal soap? For your body?

Lyndsey: What is happening? Why? Am I not supposed to use soap in the shower?

Billi: Because it’s so drying. You don’t use body wash?

Lyndsey: No, but what I do is after I get out of the shower every day, I cream my body.

Billi: Well, you have to because you use soap. Imagine if you just use body wash that’s designed for the body. The next thing you’re going to tell me you use soap for your face.

Lyndsey: No. Oh, that’s where we draw the line. I’m a 45-year-old woman.

Lesson of the day is…

We’ve learnt so much here this evening on The Nightly, haven’t we? For one, we now know that there are people who only shower in the mornings and some who, correctly so, shower in the evenings. Then we found out that there are really people in the world who use soap to wash their body, only to lube themselves silly afterwards. What an interesting and fascinating world we live in…

We hope you enjoyed this very educational episode of Wine Chats, and please join us again next week. Until then, chat soon!


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